Today «Channel One» published news and video about fights in Eastern Ukraine. They informed that the police of Donetsk promised to use no force, quoting Roman Romanov, whom they introduced as the chief officer of the Head Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Donetsk Oblast.

Первый канал

However, Roman Romanov was fired from this position a month ago. The official web site of the Ministry of Internal Affairs posted this information back on March 6.


Also, on the video presented by «Channel One» one can notice Pavel Gubarev sitting behind Romanov’s back, while Gubarev is currently held in pretrial detention centre in Kiev, therefore there was no way for him to be present in the regional state administration building in Donetsk on April 7.


Same video dated March 3 and shot from a different perspective can be found on YouTube.

Partially used materials: Uainfo.