Today several media published a conversation of Polina Godorog, a Ukrainian resident of Strasburg (at least it says so on her Facebook page) with Roman Kokorev who everyone perceived as a Russian representative in the Council of Europe (other versions included Parliamentary Assembly of the council of Europe or even European Parliament).

Polina Godorog wrote “Dear Ukrainian and clear-headead Russians!!! Today I had a privelege to speak to a representative of Russia in European Parliament. The conversation was about the situation in Crimea. I simply have to share this with you. Please share so that everyone can see. Warning, offensive language». She included many screenshots of the conversation with Kokorov to proove what she was saying.

Based on the screenshots of the conversation Kokorev was predicting the return of all ex USSR territories to Russia including Finland, Poland and even Alaska.


Besides that Kokorev was using offensive language. For example, he stated that “he is disgusted by every conversation with a female creature that has nothing to do with Russia”, which Polina Godorog ran away from. This accusation sounds strange considering the fact that Polina is ukranian, and Kokorev, judging from his posts in social media lives in France for a long time.


He also wrote that women are for “washing socks and spreading legs for men” rather than for politics.


You can find more screenshots on Godorog’s Facebook page

However, media started spreading this information about the “Russian representative in Europe” horrible behavior, without actually checking who he really is. Along with Polina Godorog’s they were misled by the vanity of Kokorev: it seems like he wants people to think that way. On his Facebook page it stated that he is working in the Council of Europe, the Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law under the Government of the Russian Federation, the State Duma and the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

Moreover he claims that previousely he was working in the Presidential Administration of Russia and the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry.


And this is not all. On his LinkedIn profile where he states that he is a Doctor (Dr.), besides the mentioned titles he claimed that he is a Counsel to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.


However, Kokorin is not a representative of Russia in any of the listed political authorities. His name is not on the list of representatives of all countries on the official website of Parliamentary Assembly of the council of Europe. His name is not found in the search either.


On the websites of the Council of Europe and European Parliament they did not even hear anything about that.

So who is Roman Kokorev and what is his relation to Europe? The answer is on the website of the Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law under the Government of the Russian Federation. He is mentioned there as one of the employees of Public International Law department:

Kokorev Roman Sergyevich – Senior researcher, PhD in law, Masters in Law in the University of Amsterdam. He is a member of the Russian Association of International Law since 1999. He was an Intern at the Presidential Administration (Presidential Administration of Russia’s foreign affairs) in 2008. In 2011 In 2011 he was an intern at the Council of Europe (Directorate of Legal Adviser and International Public Law).


Thus, Kokorev is not an official representative of Russia in any of the European authorities. Nevertheless, it does not give him an excuse to use offensive language on Facebook and mention his personal predictions about Russia’s future domination, especially considering his service record, titles and education.