Russian human rights activist and advocate Elena Vasilieva posted in a social network one more proof of the fact that Russian soldiers are fighting and dying in the Donbas.

It goes about the screenshots of a conversation posted in Facebook by Elena Vasilieva with a reference to the group “Cargo 200 from Ukraine to Russia”. According to these screenshots some Kristina Gershwild (probably an employee of the program Free time on REN-TV channel), who introduced herself during the conversation as a production director of NTV channel news service, was trying to interview Irina Timina, the widow of military man Zakhar Timin perished in Ukraine, in order to expose Ukrainian mass media that, in Gershwild’s opinion, disseminate false information about the participation of Russian soldiers in military conflict in the Donbas and their deaths.


Here is the translation of this conversation:

“Hi! Irina, how could I contact you? I am a production director of NTV channel news service, my name is Kristina Gershwild. Could you please contact me? Mobile phone number ######## or ########”

“What kind of information do you want to get from me?”

“Hello! Thank you for promptness! I am working for the program “Anatomy of the day”, this is a news summary on NTV channel. Could you please clue us in on the following topic? We are preparing the news item about the lie of Ukrainian mass media. We are coming across absolutely awful things, when, for example, people were said to be in captivity, though they are safe and sound at home. Now we are filming one guy from Yoshkar-Ola, a student, who is listed as a captive. You are wife of Zakhar Timin, aren’t you? You had a similar experience. Please forgive in advance if something is inappropriate.

We are preparing the news item, contacting people belied in such manner”.

“I’d like to help you, but only for the news item about the lie of Russian mass media. This is far more urgent nowadays. That’s why, I am sorry, I can’t help you with this.

What kind of a similar experience had I? You are mistaking me for somebody else. My husband perished. And he perished through a fault of our government”.

is this your husband?

Or is this false information?”

“This is true. It’s he”.

“My apologizes, Irina”.


It was reported previously that Zakhar Timin, a commander of the 1st motorized rifle platoon of 33rd Maykop Motor Rifle Division, was killed in the Donbas.


News items about Russian soldiers perished in the Donbas started to appear on Russian TV channels as well.