Several Russian mass media including business newspaper “Vzglyad” cited the information of “Western media”, which allegedly referred to the report of Russian Ministry of Defense.


“Western media” claims that it is stated in this report that the USA has refused to repatriate the bodies of 13 American spies, members of the organization Greystone Ltd, killed in Ukraine on 2 May. 14 spies were aboard the two helicopters Mil Mi-17 that had been attempting to land CIA military “command and control” operatives into the battle zone of Sloviansk, but had been shot down by separatists. It is said that only one spy survived, but by mistake he was initially identified as Captain Savuilov, and only later he was revealed as an American mercenary.

According to this theory, here is how the American spy looks like:


As a primary source of this information “Vzglyad” mentions quite untruthful online newspaper The European Union Times, but on its site the link goes further, on the site Here is how this marvelous resource looks like (the image is clickable):


Indeed May 2 separatists shot down two Ukrainian helicopters, but it was Mil Mi-24, not Mil Mi-17, as claimed by “Western media”. One more helicopter, Mil Mi-8, was damaged. As a result, two military men perished, one pilot, the very same Captain Savuilov, was injured in a thigh and captured by separatists (according to them, he was left by friends and separatists gave him first aid). At the same time militants did not find any bodies of 13 “American spies”

Concerning, especially the author of this news certain Sorcha Faal. Faal is an invented character, often associated with the creator of this resource David Booth., and particularly Sorcha Faal, is a source of unconfirmed, very untruthful and conspiratorial rumors.

For example, in September 2011 Faal informed that the world’s biggest corporation Exxon Mobile decided to flee from the USA to Russia for fear of Barack Obama; month earlier – that then-President of France Nicolas Sarkozy had gone to China and told Chinese leader Hu Jintao that Americans had taken out of Libya 1,500 girls and boys for sex slavery; in June – that Russia and the USA had agreed to attack Saudi Arabia in the very summer 2011. Faal also told about civil war, which was said to take place in the USA: in 2010 Obama allegedly demanded from 14 governors to stop forming vigilante groups of self-defence. In 2012 Faal informed that 380 American rebels (including women and children) perished in unequal fight with an army of Obama regime. Several times very informed Faal reported about the approaching Third World War.

The majority of “exposures” were based on leaks, allegedly received from Russian government.

The European Union Times, which is referred at as a “Western media” by newspaper “Vzglyad”, is considered to be affiliated with, is accused in “mindless propagation of idiocy” and regularly re-publishes Faal’s “sensations”.

You can find more about Sorcha Faal here.