Several Russian TV channels simultaneously and erroneously covered the US Vice-President Joseph Biden’s visit to Ukraine on the 22nd of April. In particular, they named the visit ‘ineffective’.

According to the Russian media, the United States will provide only 50 million dollars in total as assistance to Ukraine. Besides, several Russian TV channels simultaneously reported that Joe Biden allegedly arrived in Ukraine because the country does not fulfill the conditions of the Geneva agreement to de-escalate the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.      .

In truth, as reported by Radio Svoboda with reference to the video broadcast, on the 22nd of April, during the joint briefing with Ukraine’s interim Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Joe Biden praised Ukraine’s efforts to de-escalate the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. In addition, he openly admitted it is Russia who violates the Geneva agreement, and it is Russia’ military who support separatism in the region.

“No nation has the right to simply grab land from another nation,”No nation has that right. And we will never recognize Russia’s illegal occupation of Crimea, and neither will the world, as was demonstrated by the overwhelming vote that took place in the Security Council in the General Assembly. No nation should threaten its neighbors by massing troops along the border. We call on Russia to pull back these forces,” Biden emphasized.

Regarding the US financial support to the Ukrainian government, Joe Biden mentioned several figures at the same time. The 50 million dollars, named as the only source of aid by the Russian pro-government media, are the funds granted by the US exclusively for conducting reforms to fight corruption. In addition, 20 million dollars will be given to the Ukrainian army.

The US will provide one billion dollars to revive the Ukrainian economy, which is 20 times more  than reported by the Russian media. Moreover, the Untied States will ensure continuous cooperation between Ukraine and the International Monetary Fund, promised Joe Biden.

“Mr. Prime Minister, you and I also discussed the efforts to stabilize and strengthen Ukraine’s economy. Just last week the United States government signed a bill proposed by our administration for a $1 billion loan guarantee agreement with Ukraine. The United States has also been a driving force behind the IMF, working to provide a multi-billion package to help Ukraine address the immediate needs and get Ukraine on a stronger path. I expect the IMF package to be finalized imminently, and I congratulate you and your government here in Ukraine for having made the difficult — and they are difficult, very difficult — economic reforms to get this done” — he said.

Full version of Joe Biden’s speech you can read on the official site of the White House.

Adapted from: Radio Svoboda.