Judging by the reaction of people this was one of the most succesful fakes on Russian main channel. Remember, how we even had to prove that it is not true and organize a flashmob where the East was speaking Ukrainian and West was speaking just Russian for the whole day.

This video says that Tyagnibok said Russian language should be banned and that Russians should not be given a status of a citizen in Ukraine. It shows the video if Tyagnibok, however, you can only hear what the commentator says.

Statements about “not a citizen” and a ban of Russian in the country were not even questioned on the Internet and used as a well known fact.

Russian channel states that there will be a criminal prosecution of russian speaking people living in Ukraine. However, they have not shown any proof with those threats. That is why this statement is a hundrend percent russian provocation.

This is what he said in reality

Key phrases:

“There will NOT be any oppression of national minorities including the language issue”

“There should be a law that would not oppress any national monorities”

“Lets not overexaggerate” – this was probably towards lying Russian media.