June 1 a number of news agencies spread the information about the commander of volunteers squadron «Donbass» Semen Semenchenko’s allegedly declarations on Maidan about the «Right Sector» hindering the restoring of order in East Ukraine. This was reported by the Ukrainian National News agency (UNN) with reference to the squadron’s press-office.


According to the agency’s report, Semen Semenchenko allegedly said:

‒ The «Right Sector» has never taken part in the military actions; it has rather been robbing the civilians for over two months by now. They maraud, rob and extort, civilians and scarred police are the only people they can fight. They would not handle the real enemy.»

The squadron’s press-office was quick to refute this information with an official statement that Semenchenko had had no such declarations: «We perceive this news as a provocation, aimed at provoking a conflict between the two organisations.»

Скриншот facebook-страницы пресс-центра батальона "Донбасс"
«Donbass» squadron press-office Facebook page screenshot


On his Facebook page Semen Semenchenko refuted this information. He calls the claim spread on his behalf a provocation.

«Concerning the “Right Sector”. I considered this Internet fake ridiculous until I saw how many websites were quick to repost this foolish disinformation. I address the mass media: the war is raging and informational provocations are an effective weapon in the hands of the enemies of Ukraine. Now all journalists and reporters are on the front lines of the struggle, they bear special responsibility. Be vigilant, check the information before you spread it.We are all Ukrainians. And if we all stand together, we will vanquish any foe.Glory to Ukraine!»


Скриншот facebook-страницы Семена Семенченко
Semen Semenchenko’s page screenshot

«I have never said anything like that,» — he said in his phone conversation with the Public Television of Ukraine (3rd minute in the video).

‒ We are not the «Right Sector». We are very different, yet I have no doubt its members love Ukraine and are ready to sacrifice their lives for it, — added Semenchenko. — I have no doubt, that the quarrels between the two patriotic organisations — be they different, yet patriotic, — are beneficial to the Kremlin and the bastards who yet feast upon the blood of our country. The once criminal organisations, corrupted persons, etc. And lastly: I am very surprised to see the news websites are spreading such fake. It is pretty obvious. The war is raging. You should not be so eager to spread the enemy propaganda.”