Special committee in temporary parliament that is preparing a draft of the law “On the development and use of languages ​​in Ukraine” did not consider the option of rejecting the Cyrillic letters. Two memebers of the committee said that information about slow change of Ukrainian language to latin alphabet spread by Russsian media is a lie.

MP Vyacheslav Kirilenko kreleased exclusively to  StopFake : “I declare that during first and only session of the cometee we did not even mention anything about a change to latin letters. Nobody even said anything similar to that. There is a proof on the verbatim report. We were discussing which law to take as a basis, but Russian media are not interested in that. They just want to provoke us once again.”

His words were supported by another member of the committee Vladimir Yavorivski “The committee have not been discussing this topic. This question has not been raised and nobody would do it. Cyrilic alphabet is in our genes now. We are so used to it. I don’t even want to discuss this. Its not serious
and irrelevant.

We want to remind that Russian information agency RIA Novosti “referring to the source that is familiar with the situation in the Supreme Council” mentioned that the special committee responsible for the law “On development and use if languages in Ukraine” is discussing an option to gradually switch cyrilic alphabet to atin on the territory of Ukraine.