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Czar Putin wants a new age of empires

Ukraine Alert by Nataliia Popovych and Danylo Lubkivsky, for Atlantic Council Russian ruler Vladimir Putin is currently in the twentieth year of his reign – and he is not going anywhere. On the contrary, the Kremlin strongman has just staged a fig leaf referendum that will enable him to remain in power until 2036. Tellingly, in the weeks preceding the vote, Putin offered the Russian public no grand vision for the future

Top Takes: Suspected Russian Intelligence Operation. Operators worked across platforms to spread lies and impersonate political figures

By @DFRLab A Russian-based information operation used fake accounts, forged documents, and dozens of online platforms to spread stories that attacked Western interests and unity. Its size and complexity indicated that it was conducted by a persistent, sophisticated, and well-resourced actor, possibly an intelligence operation. The operation shows online platforms’ ongoing vulnerability to disinformation campaigns. Far more than on Facebook, which exposed it, or Twitter, the operation maintained fake accounts

Children as a tool: How Russia militarizes kids in the Donbas and Crimea

By Iryna Matviyishyn, for Atlantic Council With an eye to the future, officials in the Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine are waging a campaign of “patriotic education” aimed at reaching the hearts and minds of those most susceptible to ideological persuasion: children. Russia has always used the militarization of public life to indoctrinate local populations and continues that practice today. Currently, thousands of children in the Donbas and Crimea are subject

Why is the international media still repeating Kremlin propaganda about Ukraine?

By Peter Dickinson, for Atlantic Council When two members of Croatia’s World Cup squad recorded a nine-second video dedicating their quarter final victory over Russia to Ukraine, they chose to accompany it with the patriotic slogan “Slava Ukraini” (“Glory to Ukraine”). As former Dynamo Kyiv players, they appear to have believed they were sending a somewhat cheeky but essentially harmless message to their Ukrainian friends. However, to millions of horrified viewers

Atlantic Council launches comprehensive website to track Russian disinformation

By The Atlantic Council June 6, 2018 the Atlantic Council launched DisinfoPortal.org, an interactive online guide to track the Kremlin’s disinformation campaigns abroad. The portal brings together 23 top organizations and more than 80 experts fighting Russian disinformation in the United States and Europe, and is an initiative of the Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Center. The disinformation portal was designed for journalists, governments, and policymakers. It features expert content with multimedia

Russia Cannot Acknowledge MH17 Role without Exposing Secret Ukraine War

By Peter Dickinson, for Atlantic Council The shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine on July 17, 2014, transformed a localized post-Soviet conflict into a major global crisis. With victims from eleven different countries including 189 Dutch citizens, the international backlash was prompt and marked a clear escalation in the confrontation between Russia and the West over the war in Ukraine. Initial analysis of the incident identified Russia

NATO Needs an Offensive Cybersecurity Policy

By Barbara Roggeveen, for Atlantic Council Modern-day warfare is as much about cyberattacks and the protection of communication and information systems as it is about kinetic military action. In 2016, NATO’s institutional networks experienced on average 500 cyberattacks a month—an increase of roughly 60 percent from the year before. Other recent, high-profile, transnational cyberattacks, such as the WannaCry ransomware attack and Petya, highlight the urgent need for NATO and its

Why Trump is wrong about Ukrainian interference in US elections

By Adrian Karatnycky, for Atlantic Council President Donald Trump’s July 25 tweet sent shockwaves through Ukraine, a country that relies on US support to resist an ongoing Russian military attack and occupation of large chunks of its territory. It is understandable why Trump and his media cheerleaders like Sean Hannity might be scrambling to find examples of other countries interfering in the US electoral process. But the nature of what

Twelve Myths about Change in Ukraine

By Alexander J. Motyl, for Atlantic Council Most Ukrainians will tell you that “nothing has changed” since the Euromaidan Revolution. Meanwhile, most Ukrainian analysts bemoan that Ukraine’s elites are resisting change and that, unless Ukraine changes more quickly, the country will backtrack and be lost. And everyone seems to agree that no change is possible unless corruption is fully eliminated. These views rest on simplifications, distortions, and misunderstandings. Here are

Six Immediate Steps to Stop Putin’s Aggression

By Yakub Janda, Atlantic Council Security experts who follow the West’s responses to Russia’s meddling in its internal affairs—through cyber hacks, massive disinformation, corruption of Western leaders, and espionage—have good reason to be disappointed. With a few exceptions in the Baltic and Scandinavian countries, and recently in the Czech Republic, very few real counter-measures have been put into practice. Despite almost every Western intelligence agency urgently warning about the Russian

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