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Witch-Hunt! Which Hunt?

By EU vs Disinfo This has been a rough week for Russia. The country is subject to a witch-hunt in Germany, Latvia is provoking the EU to fight with Russia, and while the EU might be decaying and falling apart, it is still capable of striking terrible blows on Russia, a country that has never done any harm to anyone. In addition to those false claims, even the ambassador of the EU to Russia is

Is Europe’s Gender equality resolution a “provocation” against Russia?

By Polygraph Leonid Slutsky Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the State Duma “It’s a provocation, specifically to coerce the Russian delegation to slam the door and pull out of PACE.” Source: TV Channel Rossiya-24, January 9, 2019 FALSE The PACE letter was sent to all other parliaments On January 9, top Russian lawmakers expressed outrage over a letter from the Parliamentary Assembly of European Council (PACE) inviting Russia’s

Manipulation: EU calls on Kyiv to Lift the Ban on Russian Language Education

Russian pro-Kremlin publication Ukraina.ru reports that the European Union allegedly urged Ukraine to lift the ban on the” use of the Russian language in education”.  The publication claims that at a meeting of the Ukraine-EU council held in Brussels on December 17, the EU urged Ukraine to fully implement the recommendation of the Venice Commission relating to the language clause of a Ukrainian law on education which was enacted in

Fake: EU Refuses to Punish Russia for Seizure of Ukrainian Ships in Kerch Strait

Russian media claim that the European Union is not going to punish Russia for shelling and seizing three Ukrainian ships along with their crew in the Kerch Strait area on November 25. This is how pro-Kremlin media chose to interpret a European Council resolution adopted in Strasbourg on December 12. The EU is not insisting on new sanctions against Russia for the Kerch Strait incident, declared RIA Novosti. European Countries

Fake: Poland Leaving the EU

European Union bursting at the seams, Poland ready to leave, announced Ukraina.ru, RIA and TASS on October 11, claiming that Warsaw was poised to launch “Polexit” because of a conflict with Brussels. The source for this latest fake was none other than European Council President and Poland’s former Prime Minister Donald Tusk who criticized Poland’s latest judicial reform. Russian media couldn’t manage to spin this fake in just one direction

Fake: Ukraine Secretly Cedes its Borders to the EU

Propagandist Russian publication Ukraina.ru announced that passengers at Kyiv and Odesa airports were being screened by border guards from EU countries. “Polish, Lithuanian and even Italian border guards are checking Ukrainian passengers traveling to Europe” Ukraina.ru claims. Rambler.ru, Politmir, Newsfront, Strana.ua, Sputnik and other pro-Kremlin media dutifully disseminated this fake. Ukraina.ru claims that foreign border guards are questioning Ukrainians about their trips to Europe and looking for violations of EU

How to boost the Western response to Russian hostile influence operations

By Jakub Janda, for European View Abstract The Russian Federation has become a rogue state in international relations, invading and occupying the territories of three European countries (Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine), waging war in the Ukrainian territory, producing massive disinformation campaigns against the West, threatening the Baltic republics, and interfering in various elections and referendums. Despite Russia’s aggressive behaviour, the West’s response to it has been significantly limited, particularly when

Figure of the Week: 10

By EU vs Disinfo The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) has seen a coordinated disinformation campaign targeting its referendum on changing the name of the country, and some fingers are pointing in Moscow’s direction due to the coverage by Russian state media. The Digital Forensic Research Lab scrutinised articles published by the pro-Kremlin Sputnik news agency in the run-up to the September 30 referendum and found that their content

Don’t feed the Kremlin’s trolls!

By Corina Rebegea, for CEPA Old tropes about American hegemony, Western neo-colonialism, and hypocrisy appear constantly on Kremlin-friendly outlets in Romania (such as Sputnik and other fringe websites and blogs) and on Facebook. But internal political dynamics and polarization have helped push some of these narratives into mainstream public debate. This feeds directly into the Kremlin’s opportunistic approach to disinformation and allows it to prey on existing tensions in Romanian

The Disinformation Maps Aimed at Tearing Our World Apart

By EU vs Disinfo With a quick move, the camera zooms in on the map of Ukraine. One by one, pieces of Ukrainian territory get wolfed down by the EU member states, Hungary, Romania and Poland. “Kyiv’s eccentricity has already split the country”, the presenter explains intensively. Since Transcarpathia belonged to Hungary prior to the beginning of the 20th century, Budapest wants to “regain control” of the region. “In the

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