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Daily disinformation: Gaslighting the neighbors

By Alex Lehtis, for CEPA Russia has long been using disinformation, weaponized corruption, organized crime, and oligarchic structures to maximize its influence in Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine.  On May 14, CEPA hosted a panel discussion on Russian active measures in these countries during the covid-19 pandemic. Brian Whitmore moderated, and the Atlantic Council’s Eto Buziashvili, the Public Interest Journalism Lab’s Nataliya Gumenyuk, and WatchDog.MD Community’s Valeriu Paşa weighed in with their thoughts.

In Georgia, clerics use anti-vaxx rhetoric, call pandemic a “bluff”

By Polygraph Archibishop AntonArchibishop of the Vani and Bagdati Eparchy of the Georgian Orthodox Church“It has been transpiring that the current pandemic – as I have been told and also, I watched some programs I was sent via WhatsApp yesterday – is, after all, a bluff. If this pandemic turns out to be a bluff, what would you say then? If it becomes established that this pandemic is a trick,

Pro-Kremlin site declares remdesivir a failure, links to bogus lab conspiracy

By Keti Mskhiladze, for Polygraph News Front Georgiaa pro-Kremlin news site“The first clinical trial on remdesivir, an experimental medication by the company Gilead Sciences, which has been seen as one of the promising and most successful medications in treating coronavirus, proved a failure.”Source: News-Front Georgia, April 24, 2020FALSENews Front Georgia left out important facts about the ongoing clinical trials. On April 24, News Front Georgia, a pro-Kremlin news site popular

Operational security and personal resilience: An overview of the Eastern Neighborhood

Published by European Values Handbook on Cyber, Information, Intelligence and Personal Security Threatsfrom Foreign Authoritarian Regimes, Domestic Oppression, and Harassment. Read PDF Introduction This report follows a year of cooperation between civil society organizations (CSO) and think-tanks from Central Europe and the Eastern Neighborhood (EN). It is one part of the Project on Enhancing and Sharing Lessons Learnt in Resilience and Self-Protection, which evaluates the capability of civil society in

“Nothing can be ruled out”

By EU vs Disinfo Russian state-controlled TV mixes coronavirus conspiracy theories with ambiguous debunks.  The coronavirus carries the Latin word for crown, corona. What did Donald Trump do before becoming president? He handed winners of his beauty pageant show their crowns. Which proves that the virus was manufactured on orders from President Trump. This claim was a part of a news report about the coronavirus in broadcast last week in the

Fighting the disinformation virus: Georgia edition

By EU vs Disinfo This week the Disinformation Review comes to you straight from Georgia, the land of ancient traditions, home of the “first Europeans”, site of unique modern architecture, and a favourite target of pro-Kremlin disinformation. EUvsDisinfo has exposed over 300 cases of pro-Kremlin disinformation explicitly targeting Georgia. That is close to 5% of all the cases we have collected since 2015. But the numbers do not reflect the

Who’s Afraid of the Brown Stink Bug?

By EU vs Disinfo Measles and swine flu epidemics, bioweapons, lethal experiments on people… – Georgian Lugar Lab has been subject of a massive disinformation campaign. What makes pro-Kremlin actors so eager to use one laboratory to spread so many infectious messages? A very well-known piece of wisdom of all media in the world is: keep your stories close to the people, and you will keep it interesting. For most

False: Russian claim Georgia denied USNS Yuma entry to its Black Sea port

By Polygraph Avia.pro Russian news agency “The Georgian authorities are not giving a U.S. Navy transport [vessel] permission to enter their country’s territorial waters.” Source: Yandex.ru, September 16, 2019 False Georgian authorities have debunked the claim as disinformation. On September 17, news stories claiming Georgian authorities had refused the U.S. Navy vessel USNS Yuma entry to the country’s territorial waters in the Black Sea trended on Yandex.ru — the Russian

Russophobia, dependence, and the Belarusian gay-opposition

By EU vs Disinfo Last week, the pro-Kremlin media claimed that Russophobia is Lithuania’s main export, but in reality, it’s mineral fuels and machinery. But this case offers a great opportunity to ask, what’s the main “export” of the pro-Kremlin media? Based on the more than 70 cases of pro-Kremlin disinformation collected this past week, Russophobia is supposedly found in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the US

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