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Kremlin Watch Briefing: Twitter plans to help with political adds transparency prior to the EP elections

Topics of the Week Twitter announced it will allow European users access to sponsorship information for political ads prior to the elections to the European Parliament. Russian hackers are the fastest, according to the Crowdstrike Security Firm. Kremlin’s Current Narrative: Everyone wants war except Russia. Do not miss Swedish MSB’s handbook for communication officers. Good Old Soviet Joke Who would win a trivia contest “What do you know about USSR?” The CIA agents. Policy &

Kremlin Watch Briefing: The new British report summarizing the British inquiry into disinformation includes exemplary recommendations

Topics of the Week The UK Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee published its final report on disinformation with multiple recommendations, including the necessity of social media to take legal responsibility for harmful content and the reform of electoral laws. Three online video channels targeting American millennials have been suspended by Facebook due to evidence they are funded by the Russian government. New Robotrolling: On the social network VK, only 14 % of messages

Kremlin Watch Briefing: Russian influence operations in Africa and South America under spotlight

Topics of the Week Wagner mercenaries received passports from the same office as the GRU cover agents. Facebook and Twitter removed thousands of Russian, Iranian and Venezuelan accounts. Great Britain should use the 2018 Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Actagainst Russia if it attempts to attack British nationals in the future. Good Old Soviet Joke After the World Ice Hockey Championship in 1985, the government of Czechoslovakia receives a telegram from the defeated Soviets:

Kremlin Watch Briefing: The Huawei Hustle

NEW KREMLIN WATCH REPORT External Propaganda in the Republic of Moldova: Lessons for the Moldovan Government and the International Community Kremlin Watch Special Fellow Vladislav Saran has written a new report that summarizes the main countermeasures against disinformation and propaganda taken by Moldovan authorities, evaluates their effectiveness, and offers recommendations for the government and especially for the international community, including measures for strengthening civil society and improving media literacy in

Kremlin Watch Briefing: Norway steps up its game against authoritarian regimes

Topics of the Week Norway is stepping up its game against Russian and Chinese influence. Donald Trump has gone to great lengths to hide details about the content of his meetings with Putin from senior administration officials. The Kremlin’s Current Narrative: Buying energy resources from Russia would save the Ukrainian economy. innish Institute of International Affairs recommends that Western democracies establish social media observatories and increase transparency of funding for think-tanks and academic institutions.

Kremlin Watch Briefing: Borrowing Russian money has a cost

Topics of the Week Read a detailed overview about the loan provided by the First Czech-Russian Bank to France’s far-right National Front and how it eventually became a thorn in the heel. A former US Marine has been detained in Russia on spying charges, raising questions about motive for a possible exchange with convicted Russian national Maria Butina. German political support for Nordstream II is showing signs of weaknessfollowing US pressure and Russian

Kremlin Watch Briefing Special Edition: The winners and losers of 2018

With the holidays fast approaching, we decided to do something special for the last Kremlin Watch Briefing of the year. This week, we summarize the major successes and failures of the fight against the Kremlin‘s influence operations in Europe and the United States. The first part features a Hall of Fame and Hall of Shame for actors that made the most progress in confronting the Kremlin threat, and those that made

Kremlin Watch Briefing: Will the EU’s new Action Plan on disinformation fulfil expectations?

Topics of the Week New EU Action Plan on disinformation: Will it fulfil expectations? Foreign interference in France’s “yellow vests” protests? Automated Twitter activity spotted, but no direct link to Russia so far. Senator Mark Warner (D-VA): The US has lost its competitive edge in cyberspace, needs a new cyber doctrine. Report: Facebook’s rules enforcement is inefficient and inadequate. Good Old Soviet Joke Ronald Reagan met with Gustav Husák, then the President of Czechoslovakia.

Kremlin Watch Briefing: Does Putin underestimate the West?

Topics of the Week Head of MI6: Putin should not underestimate British determination and capabilities. Czech counter-intelligence agency published a detailed Annual Report describing Russian and Chinese activities in the Czech Republic. US Secretary of Defense Mattis has accused Vladimir Putin of continually “mucking around” the US midterm elections. From the Kremlin leadership to consumers – what the Russian disinformation chain looks like, according to RAND. Good Old Soviet Joke A poll question in a Russian

Kremlin Watch Briefing: The EU has to start taking pro-Kremlin disinformation seriously

START TAKING PRO-KREMLIN DISINFORMATION SERIOUSLY Open Letter by European Security Experts to the President of the European Commission J. C. Juncker and the High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Federica Mogherini The European Commission continues to fail to deliver a practical response to pro-Kremlin disinformation. We have published an open letter signed by over 60 security experts from 20 countries that calls for the following: As the Commission is about to

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