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Kremlin Watch Briefing: What are the top 6 Russian narratives about Europe?

Hybrid Warfare Analytical Group has created an infographic covering top 6 Russian narratives on Europe based on “Image of European Countries on Russian TV” joint research by Estonian Center of Eastern Partnership and Ukraine Crisis Media Center. Russian propaganda has been trying to discredit Europe in numerous ways, nevertheless these six narratives have taken hold the most: “Life in Europe is difficult and insecure as the authorities are unable to secure order” “Decaying Europe

Kremlin Watch Briefing: Who is behind the top 5 Russian channels?

WHO IS BEHIND THE TOP 5 RUSSIAN CHANNELS? Hybrid Warfare Analytical Group has come up with an infographic covering the subjects behind the top 5 Russian channels: Russia 1 channel, Channel 1, Channel 5, NTV Channel and REN TV channel. WHAT DO THEY HAVE IN COMMON? Each of them has either direct or indirect ties to the Russian government, the ruling party United Russia, Gazprom or to people with close relations

Kremlin Watch Briefing: The murderer of ethnic Chechen in Berlin has been linked to the GRU

Topics of the Week German government remains silent after the murderer of ethnic Chechen in Berlin has been linked to the GRU. The dangers posed by social networks developed in authoritarian countries remain underestimated. The US Department of Defense seeks software to help with protection against election interference. Good Old Soviet Joke Leonid Brezhnev died in the USSR. I turned on the TV, Brezhnev was there. I turned on the radio, Brezhnev was there.

Kremlin Watch Briefing: The Kremlin keeps twisting history with little repercussion

Topics of the Week The Kremlin twists history once again on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. Germany and Finland show little interest. Donald Trump wants Russia back at the G-7, blames Barrack Obama for the annexation of Crimea. Robotrolling: Bots posted 55 % of all Russian language messages on Twitter, bot activity increased during NATO exercises. Good Old Soviet Joke An old man is on

Kremlin Watch Briefing: Russia watchers targeted by a sophisticated cyber-attack

Topics of the Week The phishing attack on Russia-watchers was more successful than initially believed. European Values Think-Tank was among those targeted. US Senate is negligent to pass election defence bills that could help against malign foreign interference. Finite State’s investigation shows the cybersecurity risks and flaws of Huawei technologies. Good Old Soviet Joke One day, Gustáv Husák, the communist president of Czechoslovakia, suddenly comes out of his office, wanders around, collects stones,

Kremlin Watch Briefing: Italian Lega party turns to Russia for funding

Topics of the Week Italian far-right Lega party attempted to secure Russian financing for the European Parliament election. Vilnius Institute for Policy Analysis: Lithuania’s president systematically targeted by disinformation. Leading American experts warn against insufficient American response to the threat of Russian disinformation during their testimonies. New study: How the Russian intelligence services upkeep the trust of their citizens. Good Old Soviet Joke After a speech, Brezhnev confronts his speechwriter. “I asked for a 15-minute

Kremlin Watch Briefing: Three former Russian intelligence officers charged in the MH17 investigation

Topics of the Week Four individuals, including 3 former Russian intelligence officers, charged in the MH17 investigation. The U.S. is launching cyber attacks, displaying a shift in geopolitical warfare and deterrence. New Atlantic Council’s study summarizes the foreign interference into 2017 French presidential elections and draws lessons learned for other European countries, including publicizing and striking back against cyberattacks. Good Old Soviet Joke Two rabbits on a road during the Stalinist terror

Kremlin Watch Briefing: The UK leads the fight against disinformation in Eastern Europe

Topics of the Week The UK has launched a £10m programme that helps a network of Eastern European groups combat Russian and Russia-supported far-right disinformation. Pompeo and Lavrov fail to resolve U.S. Russia differences on Venezuela and Iran. Reading suggestion: The disinformation activities online in Bosna and Herzegovina produced by economically motivated opportunists and political/state actors. Good Old Soviet Joke In the time of Stalin’s mass purges, a knock at the door woke a family in the

Kremlin Watch Briefing: Half of Europeans potentially exposed to disinformation before the elections

Topics of the Week Half of Europeans may have been exposed to disinformation on social media linked to Russia according to an online security company. While the United States intensifies its efforts to counter Russian cyber-attacks in allied countries, it might be overlooking significant loopholes in its own justice system. More and more countries are trying to fulfil their goals by leveraging digital tools and social media networks to spread disinformation, including Iran, North Korea,

Kremlin Watch Briefing: Can the EU limit the impact of disinformation ahead of the elections?

Topics of the Week Worth following! Atlantic Council’s DisinfoPortal launches “The Drop,” a new newsletter aiming at using global expertise to advance understanding of the threat of disinformation and to move the debate about the topic forward, towards needed solutions. You can subscribe to the newsletter here. Russian Ambassador to the United Kingdom leaves his position after being suspected of acting as a Soviet intelligence officer in the United States during the Cold

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