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Kremlin Watch Briefing: SpaceX launch ruffles some feathers

Topics of the Week Germany will seek sanctions over the 2015 Bundestag cyberattack SpaceX launch according to the Kremlin’s channels: a sign of weakness of aggression? How Russia uses fake election observation as a tool for foreign interference. Good Old Soviet Joke Putin opens the refrigerator and sees a plate of quivering gelatin.  “Stop shaking!” Putin says. “I am only getting the milk.” Policy & Research News 5th Global Engagement Center

Kremlin Watch Briefing: EU should launch a team to investigate Chinese disinformation

NEW REPORT Russian battles over historical narratives: the case of Prague’s Konev statue The recent escalation in relations between the Czech Republic and Russia, relating to the removal of a Marshal Konev statue, is just another case of Russia waging a “battle” with a post-Communist country over historical narratives. The Kremlin has, for a long time, sought to (re)interpret 20th-century history, in particular WWII.  The removal of a Bronze Soldier

Kremlin Watch Briefing: The unexpected journey of Russian ventilators from Russia to the US and back again.

Topics of the Week Illiberal Hungary witch-hunts critical voices. The civil society plans to build resilience in spite of that. The unexpected journey of Russian ventilators from Russia to the US and back again. Kremlin’s Current Narrative: The Kremlin denies involvement in Bundestag hack attack Good Old Soviet Joke Definition of aggression: The entry of troops of one state into the territory of another without the consent of the Soviet

Kremlin Watch Briefing: The Kremlin’s revisionism of WWII history

Topics of the Week FB spotted and took down accounts linked to influence ops based in Russia, Iran, Georgia, US, Mauritania and Myanmar Russia sides with China over American COVID-19 allegations Kremlin’s Current Narrative: Revisionism of WWII history Good Old Soviet Joke Moscow Olympic Village now serves as a hotel for foreign tourists. On the walls of the rooms, you can find a price list, information about the services, the city

Kremlin Watch Briefing: Disinformation campaigns on COVID-19 in the V4

Topics of the Week HR/VP Borrell was questioned by the European Parliament on the watering down of the EEAS disinformation report due to Chinese pressure. Kremlin charges the U.S. $660,000.00 USD for COVID-19 “humanitarian aid” A new investigation links senior Russian FSB officer to MH17 crash. Good Old Soviet Joke Ceausescu met with a Romanian astronaut and asked him why he had been floating in the cabin between the floor and

Kremlin Watch Briefing: Post-COVID world & Russia

NEW PUBLICATION Handbook on Cyber, Information, Intelligence and Personal Security Threats from Foreign Authoritarian Regimes, Domestic Oppression, and Harassment in Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova This report follows a year of cooperation between civil society organizations (CSO) and think-tanks from Central Europe and the Eastern Neighborhood (EN). It evaluates the capability of the civil society in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine on operational security and exposing illegitimate methods of influence. The second part of

Kremlin Watch Briefing: How is the pandemic being abused by authoritarian regimes?

Topic of the Week Authoritarian regimes abuse the pandemic in order to tighten their grip on their citizens and to spread their geopolitical influence while helping each other out by spreading disinformation. Good Old Soviet Joke A KGB officer comes to the park and sees an old Jew with a book.“What are you reading, Grandpa?”“I am learning Yiddish.”“Why? You will wait years for the Israeli visa. You’ll die before you get it.”“I

Kremlin Watch Briefing: How is the Chinese Communist Party manipulating the global pandemic?

Topics of the Week Putin’s Chef threatens to the U.S. with a lawsuit while the U.S. senators urge the EU to put him on a sanctions list. Tech companies attempt to coordinate the fight against misinformation amidst the COVID-19 crisis. Kremlin’s Current Narrative: Russia’s aid to Italy as foreign policy in the guise of humanitarian assistance Good Old Soviet Joke An old man is dying in a deserted hut. Suddenly, there

Kremlin Watch Briefing: Kremlin’s malign influence in the Western Balkans

NEW REPORT ASSESSMENT OF THE KREMLIN’S MALIGN INFLUENCE IN BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA, MONTENEGRO AND NORTH MACEDONIA This Report is a final output of year-long cooperation between non-governmental organizations and think-tanks from Central Europe and the Western Balkans. The goal of this cooperation within the #BalkansWatch project was to use the experiences of the countries from the Visegrad group in mapping and assessing the malign foreign influence of third countries, adapt

Kremlin Watch Briefing: The murder of Khanghoshvili orchestrated by FSB

Topics of the Week The murder of Zelimkhan Khanghoshvili in Berlin orchestrated by FSB, Bellingcat reveals. US military tracking disinformation around the coronavirus outbreak. Foreign Affairs: How technology can strengthen autocrat rulers. Good Old Soviet Joke During the communist era, an old woman is trying to get into a speeding tram. In the end, she succeeds and sighs: “Thank God!” A man turns to her and says: “But Grandma, don’t

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