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Fake: Poland Introduces Censorship about World War II on US Orders

Russian media reacted to Poland’s parliamentary resolution condemning the spread of Russian propaganda about Polish history by declaring that the United States are backing and financing Poland’s anti-Russian policies. On Washington’s orders Poland refuses to accept historic facts, resorts to rewriting the history of World War II and justifying Nazism, Russia’s leading pro-Kremlin publications declared. Raising the hysterical rhetoric up a notch, the newspaper Vzglyad even claims that Poland intends

Stanisław Żaryn: A hidden agenda behind Putin’s disinformation attack on Poland

By Stanisław Żaryn At the turn of the year, Vladimir Putin, along with other top Russian officials, carried out a massive disinformation campaign against Poland. They falsely accused Warsaw of having colluded with Hitler in 1939 and demanded that the current Polish authorities apologise for the policy pursued by their pre-war predecessors. The attack was no accident, but a part of an ongoing, broader hostile influence operation against the West.

Russian energy narrative targets Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic States

By Margarita Assenova, for Polygraph Vladimir Kornilov Russian political commentator “Poland, the Baltic States and, for some time now, Ukraine, without even realizing that they are acting to their own detriment, are trying to do everything they can to, as they see it, harm Russia. That is why they are impeding the expansion of Russian gas projects and acting solely for the sake of the United States, contrary to their

Kremlin disinformation this week: Old lies, Jewish bankers, and green dictators

By EU vs Disinfo Se non è vero, è molto ben trovato – “It might be untrue, but it is very well conceived”. The phrase is attributed to the Italian astronomer and philosopher Giordano Bruno, executed in Rome for heresy in 1600. Unfortunately, when it comes to pro-Kremlin disinformation, false claims are rarely elegantly constructed. State-owned Russian mouthpiece Sputnik’s Arabian services are broadcasting crude old lies about a dying British

The specter of 1939: The unlearned lessons of WWII linger in, for some

By Edward Lucas, for CEPA Every Pole knows why September 17th, 1939 matters. So do many Ukrainians, especially in the country’s west–which was then part of Poland.But almost nobody else does. The 80th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of eastern Poland will go unmarked in the West. In Russia, it will prompt yet more lies and propaganda obscuring the Soviet Union’s cozy ties with Nazi Germany. This has been in

Breaking “News”: The Kremlin discovered that Poland started WWII and the Baltics are not free

By EU vs Disinfo As world leaders gathered in Poland to commemorate 80 years since the start of World War II, Russian officials were outraged that they were not invited. The reason the Russians weren’t invited hasn’t changed since 2014 – as the Poles made clear, it’s thanks to the Kremlin’s habit of arriving uninvited in various countries. Of course, instead of reflecting critically on Russia’s aggressive stance towards its

Fake: Poland Wants To Increase Its EU Influence Because of Old Scores With Germany

Poland has agreed to the deployment of additional US troops on its territory because of “old historic scores” with Germany, Russian pro-Kremlin media announced last week. Looking to increase its influence in Eastern Europe Warsaw is resorting to fairy tales about Russian aggression that even Poles do not believe RT  declared, while RIA Novosti accused Poland of “indulging its American masters’ whims”, intensifying military threats in Europe and of course,

Lie, manipulate, spread, change, spread again

By EU vs Disinfo Sputnik Polska as the tip of the iceberg of a disinformation campaign. Penetration of the information space by pro-Kremlin actors goes far beyond using state-funded media or a troll factory. As shown in the new report by Info Ops Polska, disinformation messages  can be spread by multiple actors using a variety of tools – so that at the end of the day, its recipients cannot see

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