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And the Oscar for fact-editing goes to…

By EU vs Disinfo Russian filmmakers were not successful at this year’s Oscar award ceremony. It might have been different if pro-Kremlin outlets were part of the competition. Their ideas are at least as creative as the best products from the Dream Factory.  If such a category existed, the Oscar for the fantasy movie would go to those pro-Kremlin outlets who told a story about Poland building an empire, stretching from

StopFake #210 with Brian Mefford

Fake: Crimea EU representative office. Poland to leave EU. Donbas conflict participants create Russian-Ukrainian union. Ukraine to jail Russians for visiting Crimea.

Fake: Poland Leaving the EU

European Union bursting at the seams, Poland ready to leave, announced Ukraina.ru, RIA and TASS on October 11, claiming that Warsaw was poised to launch “Polexit” because of a conflict with Brussels. The source for this latest fake was none other than European Council President and Poland’s former Prime Minister Donald Tusk who criticized Poland’s latest judicial reform. Russian media couldn’t manage to spin this fake in just one direction

Figure of the Week: 5

By EU vs Disinfo Polish authorities issue 5-year entry bans against five alleged Russian ‘information war’ operatives involved in stoking Polish-Ukrainian animosity. According to the public news agency Informacyjna Agencja Radiowa, two women, identified only as Yekaterina C. and Anastasia Z., were detained last week on allegations of involvement in ‘hybrid warfare’ activities. A spokesperson for the Polish Internal Security Agency (ABW) stated that, along with the two detained persons, three

A Spy’s Mutual Friends

The arrest of Marek W., a man suspected of spying for the Russian Federation showed that despite appearances, we all can feel threatened. Each of us is a potential victim; each can become the target of hostile forces. Sounds unbelievable? At first glance, certainly. Because what do we, ordinary people, have to do Russian Federal Security Service special operations? We still associate spies more with James Bond than with a

Fake: Poland Blocks Cargo Transports from Ukraine to Europe

The recent tensions in relations between Ukraine and Poland have given rise to a wave of fakes in Russian media. On November 18 Russian site Politnavigator announced that Poland was not allowing Ukrainian cargo transports through its territory. The source for this fake story is former Ukrainian Transport Minister Yevhen Chervonenko, who during a television program on Ukraine’s ZIK channel announced that thousands of trucks are stuck on Ukraine’s western

Russian ‘hybrid warrior’ gets help from pro-Kremlin media in Poland

By Wojciech Jakóbik, for CEPA Russian and Polish language media outlets aligned with the Kremlin have rushed to defend a Russian citizen, Dmitry Karnaukhov, who was recently removed from Poland after the Polish counterintelligence service, Agencja Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego (ABW), charged him with spying. ABW says Karnaukhov’s public work was a cover for his real mission: offering Moscow-financed grants, trips, and publications to recruit people with pro-Russian views. Polish authorities accused

The man who wanted more

By Paweł Reszk, Pavla Holcova, for VSQUARE Alexander Usovski was active in the Visegrad region, set up foundations, looked for EU grants, finally received money from Russia in cash, without leaving any paper trail. That’s how he started to organize a network of dutiful and useful people. And indeed, everything went just the way his sponsor wanted. The case of Alexander Usovsky, a Belarusian-born activist, is the first so thoroughly documented

Fake: Ukrainian Veterans Not Allowed In Poland

Two months ago StopFake debunked a fake claim that Poland would not allow entry to Ukrainian veterans who fought against Russian forces in the Donbas. Using a forged tweet attributed to Polish Undersecretary of State Renata Szczęch, Korrespondent.net claimed that as of June 11, Ukrainian veterans would not be allowed to enter Poland. A Polish Foreign Ministry spokeswoman told StopFake that the tweet was a fake and Poland was not

Fake: Poland to Close its Border with Ukraine

Visa-free travel for Ukrainians to the EU Schengen zone countries continues to be a favorite theme for Russian fakes nearly two weeks after it went into effect. One of the most recent fakes on this much beloved topic was by Russia’s Defense Ministry channel Zvezda, which declared that Poland wanted to close its border with Ukraine. As is often the case in such Russian fakes, the declaratory headline does not

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