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Fake: Kyiv Preparing PR Attack on Crimea to Disrupt Tourist Season

The Ukrainian government is preparing an information attack aimed at occupied Crimea with the goal of disrupting the peninsula’s tourist season, Russian and Crimean media declared last week. As proof of this nefarious plot, publications such as Politnavigator, RIA Novosti Krym, Eadaily, Antifascist, KrimInform, Krimpress and others point to an official letter from a Ukrainian ministry that was published by a former MP from the disgraced pro-Russian Regions Party Alexei

Fake: Ukraine Increases Its Own Territory

Scores of Russian media reacted with condescension to Ukraine’s State Border Guard Service announcement about returning land near the border with Hungary to Ukrainian state control. Russian newspaper Ekspert ironically declared that Ukraine increased its own territory. Ukraine did not increase its territory; it simply returned illegally privatized land plots back to public ownership. Argumenty Nedeli, repeatme and other Russian sites carried this fake story. Russia’s NTV television channel in

Fake: Ukrainians Visiting Crimea in Droves

According to the Russian Security Service (FSB) Crimea border control, well after the end of the vacation season Ukrainians are pouring into the annexed peninsula in droves. Russia’s official news agency RIA Novosti and other publications featured several stories about this alleged late season vacation rush. Official Ukrainian agencies meanwhile present a somewhat different picture, as do recent sociological polls. Tens of thousands of Ukrainians heading to Crimea, Huge tourist

Fake: Ukraine Has the Highest Electricity Prices in Europe

According to the Russian site Ukraina.ru, Ukraine has the highest electricity prices in Europe. Completely twisting a recent statement by Ukraine’s National Committee on Utility Regulation director Dmytro Vovk, Ukraina.ru simply replaced the word cheapest with most expensive. The site comments.ua also reprinted this fake. This is what Vovk actually wrote: “For years we’ve heard sweet words from our politicians about consumer protection – as a result, electricity prices in

Ukraine Did Not Supply North Korea with Missile Engines

Ukraine Did Not Supply North Korea with Missile Engines On August 14 the New York Times published a story entitled North Korea’s Missile Success Is Linked to Ukrainian Plant, Investigators Say. The article argues that having examined photographs of the North Korean leader inspecting new rocket engines, investigators concluded in a new report that the engines are similar to an old Soviet model and could have come from several post-Soviet

Fake: Ukraine Blackmails West with EU Membership

If you don’t give us money, we’ll go to Russia. Ukraine Blackmails West with EU Membership, declared a recent headline in the Russian web publication Inforeaktor.  Accompanied by a photograph of Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko this fake story is a classic example Russian disinformation,  implying that Poroshenko really said “If you don’t give us money, we’ll go to Russia” while meeting with EU leaders. The Ukrainian President said no such

Window to Nowhere. Russian Media Upset about Ukrainian Visa Free Travel to EU Countries

Russia’s Defense Ministry television channel Zvezda got into the visa-free travel to the EU is doom for Ukrainians game in a special report menacingly entitled “Visa free travel for Ukraine. Window to nowhere”. The 20 minute piece is a classic of the disinformation genre, a cut and paste job of unconnected, aggressive video, menacing music, threatening narration, and doomsday commentary. The report’s central message is that visa-free travel for Ukrainians

Fake: Ukraine’s Falling Credit Rating

Russian Defense Ministry television channel Zvezda and scores of other Russian media have completely distorted the latest economic predictions for Ukraine by Fitch, the influential international credit rating agency. Ukraine’s rating brought down, sorrowful rating for Ukraine, growth prognosis lowered to 2% because of the occupied territories economic blockage, declared  NewsFront,Pravda.ru, Ekonomika Segodnya, , completely ignoring the actual facts presented by Fitch Ratings. On April 28 Fitch issued its outlook for Ukraine, giving the

Fake: US and Canada End Military Cooperation with Ukraine

Russia’s Defense Ministry television station Zvezda aired a story this week claiming that the US and Canada were ending their military cooperation with Ukraine. Citing Ukrainian military analyst Serhiy Zhurets, Zvezda announced that several American and Canadian companies were no longer supplying Ukraine with components for the production of weapons. Zhurets, the director of the Defence Express consulting company, speaking at a press conference examining why the West is not

Fake: New Language Law Will Make Ukrainian Exclusive

Russian media are claiming that Ukraine is poised to enact a new language law which will ban Russian and make Ukrainian the sole and exclusive language in the country. REN TV, RT and Khakasiya Inform all carried this fake story claiming that Ukrainian will become obligatory for government bodies, education, publishing and media without providing any details or proof of these claims. The draft law under consideration in the Ukrainian

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