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Men arrested in Belarus formerly fought for Russia in Ukraine and elsewhere

By DFRLab On July 29, 2020, a group of 33 men allegedly working for Russian intelligence-associated Wagner mercenary group were detained by Belarusian authorities outside of Minsk. Approximately 200 militants are said to have entered Belarus to “destabilize the situation during the election campaign.” If the allegations are true, this indicates a shift in Russia’s attitude toward Belarus, perhaps seeing an increasing threat to, or possibly from, its sometimes ally in Alexander Lukashenko,

Fake: Ukraine Threatens Russia with War

Russian media completely distorted an interview that the commander of Ukraine’s Naval Forces Rear Admiral Oleksiy Neyizhpapa gave to the Odesa site Dumska, claiming that Ukraine is threatening Russia with war. In the interview Neyizhpapa spoke about Ukrainian armed forces preparing for a possible Russian attack on the south Kherson region, out of Crimea. Vesti, Rossia 24, Komsomolskaya Pravda, Obshchestvennaya sluzhba novostey, URA.ru, anti-maidan.com and many others also featured this

Fake: Ukraine to Revise the EU Association Agreement Due to its Inequality

This week Russian media announced that Ukraine is about to revise its Association Agreement with the European Union. They came to their senses six years later: why Ukraine wants to revise the EU agreement that Maidan stood for blared the headline of the conservative orthodox site Tsargrad. Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Vadym Prystaiko has in fact expressed the need to revise the terms of the

Daily disinformation: Gaslighting the neighbors

By Alex Lehtis, for CEPA Russia has long been using disinformation, weaponized corruption, organized crime, and oligarchic structures to maximize its influence in Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine.  On May 14, CEPA hosted a panel discussion on Russian active measures in these countries during the covid-19 pandemic. Brian Whitmore moderated, and the Atlantic Council’s Eto Buziashvili, the Public Interest Journalism Lab’s Nataliya Gumenyuk, and WatchDog.MD Community’s Valeriu Paşa weighed in with their thoughts.

Fake: Western Scientists Predict 80% Chance of Nuclear Accident in Ukraine

In a study for the Energy Research & Social Science scientific journal the world’s leading scientists predict an 80% probability of a major nuclear accident at one of Ukraine’s nuclear power plants in the coming years, announced the Tsargrad television channel. Tsargrad is a monarchist site affiliated with the Russian Orthodox Church and Russia’s security services. This new doomsday prediction was aired on the anniversary of the 1986 Chornobyl disaster. 

Fake: Ukraine to Store Russian Nuclear Waste

A fatal deal, another disaster, the next catastrophe – these are just some of the epithets Russian and Ukrainian propagandist media have resorted to in their reactions to the news that Ukraine will build its own repository for high level nuclear waste. Ukraine agrees to store nuclear waste from Russia, repository for Russian nuclear waste to be built in Chornobyl, these and other distorted headlines and outright fakes were filling

Operational security and personal resilience: An overview of the Eastern Neighborhood

Published by European Values Handbook on Cyber, Information, Intelligence and Personal Security Threatsfrom Foreign Authoritarian Regimes, Domestic Oppression, and Harassment. Read PDF Introduction This report follows a year of cooperation between civil society organizations (CSO) and think-tanks from Central Europe and the Eastern Neighborhood (EN). It is one part of the Project on Enhancing and Sharing Lessons Learnt in Resilience and Self-Protection, which evaluates the capability of civil society in

Fake: Crimea Supported Ukraine for Many Years

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that annexed Crimea had always subsidized Ukraine despite the fact that the peninsula itself was lacking. Putin made this announcement while visiting Crimea to mark the sixth anniversary of Russia’s annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula Ukraine in 2014. Putin’s claims are completely untrue; Crimea and the entire southeastern region of Ukraine were heavily subsidized up to 2014, receiving more from the state budget than they

Moscow’s territorial virus: Countering the Kremlin’s incapacitation of Ukraine

By Janusz Bugajski, for CEPA ​The recent announcement in Kyiv by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s Chief of Staff that the government is willing to enter into negotiations with Russia’s proxies controlling parts of the Donbas illustrates how Russia’s subversion of Ukraine resembles the spread of a virus. The infection may be barely noticeable at the outset but can stealthily expand until it paralyses a targeted state and amputates its territories. The

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