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Schools of Hate: Fakes and Manipulation about Ukraine Boot Camps for Children

Scores of Russian online media aimed to scare their readers last week with headlines such as Barracks for children, western media see Ukrainian Nazism, and Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian children schooled in hate and war. These manipulative stories about Ukrainian scout style summer camps claim that hundreds of thousands of children are being prepared for war and taught to shoot guns. The Russian articles are based on an October

Fake: Ukraine Secretly Cedes its Borders to the EU

Propagandist Russian publication Ukraina.ru announced that passengers at Kyiv and Odesa airports were being screened by border guards from EU countries. “Polish, Lithuanian and even Italian border guards are checking Ukrainian passengers traveling to Europe” Ukraina.ru claims. Rambler.ru, Politmir, Newsfront, Strana.ua, Sputnik and other pro-Kremlin media dutifully disseminated this fake. Ukraina.ru claims that foreign border guards are questioning Ukrainians about their trips to Europe and looking for violations of EU

Fake: Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Wants to Root out Russian Passport Holders

All Ukrainian citizens who also have Russian passports will be rooted out – stories with such headlines were featured in the scores of pro-Kremlin media on October 30 from Ukraina.ru to Gazeta.ru, NTV and others, citing Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin who allegedly  said “Let those who have Russian passports surrender them, otherwise we will root them out.” The publication Politnavigator went even further and claimed that Ukraine was about

Mass Shooting in Crimea: Russia Blames Ukraine

The October 17 shooting at a college in Kerch in Crimea claimed 21 lives according to Russian authorities, 50 students were wounded. Well before anything was officially known about the shooting, Russian media rushed to blame Ukraine for the tragedy.   The news about the shooting broke during the broadcast of state channel Rossiya 1’s 60 Minutes program  and its moderators and guest all eagerly began accusing Ukrainian ‘saboteurs’ of

Fake: Ukraine’s Military Preparing Sabotage in Crimea

Ukraine’s military are planning acts of sabotage in Russian-annexed Crimea declared Russian media on October 11. RT, Sputnik, Rossiyskyi Dialog and others featured stories claiming that Ukraine’s military attempts at sabotage and diversion are fantasies and would not be successful. This wave of fakes mocking Ukraine’s military came as a response to President Petro Poroshenko’s announcement that 39 additional military units were deployed along Ukraine’s border in places considered to

Fake: Norwegian Diplomats Recognize Crimea as Russian

A diplomatic delegation from Norway arrived with an official visit to Crimea declared scores of Russian headlines on October 3. RIA Novosti, Channel Five, NTV, Komsomolskaya Pravda, Sputnik  all cite the leader of this “diplomatic delegation” Hendrik Weber, who says Russia’s occupation of the Ukrainian peninsula is legitimate and all sanctions imposed against Russia in protest of its occupation are ineffective. Weber and his delegation – a group of public

Fake: Hungarian Foreign Minister Threatens Ukraine with NATO Troops

This week several Ukrainian and Russian sites disseminated fakes claiming that the Hungarian foreign minister threatened Ukraine with NATO troops. In reality Hungary’s Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó in an interview with Russia’s Rossia 24 television channel made no such threats, he merely said that if Ukraine were to expel Hungary’s  consul, Budapest would have to follow suit. Inforesist, Novosti bez Granits, Russkaya Vesna, From-ua.com, replyua.net, Rossiyskiy dialog and others all

Russian TV host calls war on Georgia Moscow’s ‘operation for enforcement of peace’

By Polygraph Vladimir Solovyov Russian TV talk show host “It [the 2008 Russian-Georgian War] was an operation for the enforcement of peace.” Source: Rossiya 1, September 23, 2018 FALSE It was a war. Vladimir Solovyov, host of one of Russia’s most popular Sunday-evening television talk-shows, had Russia Today editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan as his guest on September 23. During the program, Simonyan tried to explain how popular Russia and President Vladimir

Russian influence in the media sectors of the Black Sea countries

By Center for the Study of Democracy The report explores Russia’s corporate presence and influence in the media sectors of five Black Sea countries (Bulgaria, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, and Armenia) by providing deeper understanding of the links between media ownership and anti-Western propaganda and disinformation. Corruption networks and soft media power have allowed Russia to benefit from inherent governance deficits in these Black Sea countries to infiltrate businesses, and to

Fake: US Tells Ukraine to Give Up on Crimea

Moskovskyi Komsomolets and other Russian media featured stories based on an American magazine article claiming that the US is telling Kyiv to give up on returning Crimea to Ukrainian control. Crimea is not Ukraine and Kyiv has no chance of returning the peninsula, declared Moskovskyi Komsomolets, citing Doug Bandow’s article Settle Crimea with a referendum in the National Interest bi-monthly magazine. Bandow’s article was spun by Russian media as representing

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