There have been numerous attempts on the Russian news to make false statements that six thousands of Ukrainian soldiers swore the oath of enlistment to the Crimean “government.” The various media agencies began to duplicate and distribute the news as soon as it was published.

However, on March 4, 2014, radio “Svoboda” denied these allegations. “None of the military units or ships followed the order of Russian army commanders to surrender and take the oath to the self-proclaimed “government of Crimea,” nor have they ever left their military units. As well as there was no case of a single desertion of any soldier in Crimea except the ex-commander of the Ukrainian Navy Denis Berezovsky “- said the representative of the Ukrainian Navy command in Sevastopol.

Also these false accusations were later refuted by the Ukrainian Security Force (SBU) employees in Crimea region: “Yesterday the various media channels were spreading the rumors about how employees of the Security Force were transferred to a new so-called “Crimean government.” In fact, on March 3rd, 2014 all Security Force officers refused to recognize the “new Crimean chief” as a head of the Force Department in Crimea. “

“Russian media is portraying unverified information based on the rumors from separatist pro-Russian supporters” – write our readers every day, – six thousand people is a huge number of potential soldiers. They have not even shown at least two hundred of those that decided to leave the duty at their military units. Statements like that sound like a hearsay.”