Russian media happily informed that the support is provided to the first refuges in Ulyanovsk city. Sergey Latartsev arrived there with his wife and a daughter from the Ukrainian city of Rivne.


According to their information, before the revolution in which the whole power in Ukraine was taken by the “nationalists”, he was the head of one of the regional committees of the Party of Regions. After the turnover, Sergey Vasilyevich was harassed and that is why he decided to ask Russia for help. “Refugees” were met with flower in Russia.

In order to move to Russia Sergey together with his wife wrote a letter to the governor of Ulyanovsk:

Maria Latartseva: “we can call the situation in our country – Circus and clowns. However those clowns are armed by the firearms, and in regions people die from their hands. So called “soldiers” of the Right sector are running around not doing anything and only looting. They ‘hunt’ mainly at night and attack peaceful residents, openly robbing them, using this whole situation to their own advantage”… Please help us dear Russians! Right now in our city ‘banderovtsy’ headed by Sasha Belyy, the head of the Right Sector and coordinator of the nationalist’s movement in western Ukraine came to power…the “Gauleiter of Western Ukraine Oleksandr Muzychko overlaid tribute on businessmen of Rivne and even state institutions, including law enforcement; and after he fired the newly appointed head of the regional police department, the new head of the state administration at so called “people’s chamber” agreed to cooperate with the Right sector yesterday. Our family accidentally became a personal enemy of Sasha Belyy, since after his proposal “to confess” we answered that we have our own beliefs and respect the beliefs of others and demand respect for ourselves.”

Sergey Latartsev:
“Unconstitutional turnovers organized by fascist youth form Western Ukraine led to full seizure of the authorities, government departments, law enforcement and complete loss of control over the events on the side of the legitimate authorities. New governments that call themselves “people’s councils” created with the help of the “self-defense” fighters are lynching all Russian-speaking and dissidents; looting is flourishing and peaceful residents get beaten up. While possessing the information on addresses and telephones of people, these “Black Hundreds” create their dead lists and start their prosecutions, destroying property, beating up and killing everyone who doesn’t support the fascist regime and refuses to yell out Bandera slogans. My family is in permanent danger, and after the “Black Hundreds” raids started we were forced to hide at our friends’ trying to avoid death. We were robbed and beaten up twice already, they “bought” our car at gunpoint, and we constantly receive threats over the phone. I am not an oligarch, they do not come to my home with the video cameras during the day, but instead they come to me at night with the guns, since such people like us do not make it into news reports, we end up at the waste dumps. Dear Russians I am asking you for help, we already lost all our property, all we have left now is our lives”.

The Latartsev family are not refugees, they are swindlers and crooks,  – said the journalist Roman Sukhan from TV and radio company “Ukraine” on his facebook page.

– it happens that the main character of these videos Sergey Latartsev is my former family member from Kostopil, Rivne region. He was a husband of my cousin. Six years ago he left the family  – his wife, his son and sick dying mother  in a small one-bedroom apartment. He found a mistress with two children of her own. With the new family he went to make money in Kyiv. They got a job to one rich family – he was a driver and she was a cook and a nany. Then they went to Crimea to “Artek” resort, where she worked as a teacher and he worked at a transportation department. During the last six months – when they lived in Rivne, they started breeding dogs for sale.

Before he left his wife Sergey Latartsev became a member of the Party of Regions (in our region it is hard to find normal people to support this party, that is why for swindlers it is a great opportunity to build a career), but after he stole the Party’s budget money (UAH 20 000) he ran.

Before their trip to Russia Sergey with his new wife stormed in to the place of her ex-husband, they were armed, and stole USD 6 000. For this money they bought themselves fur coats and nice looking clothes, in which they came to seek asylum. The only son of Sergey, a nice and noble officer of the Ukrainian army is ashamed of his father.
Journalists of STB visited the school in Kostopil where Sergey Latartsev was teaching pre-military training. As it appeared he is not an aviation engineer as he claimed, but a regular teacher. His former colleagues are shocked at his actions. They say that Sergey and his new wife Maria, who was an elementary school teacher, ran for profit.
Further we provide a translation of the video from Ukrainian:
– After the Party of Regions crushed, – says Vitaliy Sholodko, the director of the Kostopil school #3, – they couldn’t come up with anything better than run from the city and from the country. They decided to shame us all and our country.

– For a few pennies they sold everything, — says Svitlana Boryschyk, the math teacher. — This is just a betrayal, they never had any business, which Sergey told Russian journalists about. He had a bad fame. In 2008 he ran from Kostopil with the mistress, leaving a wife, a son and an older mother. Back then his colleagues form the Party of Regions announced that he is guilty of stealing UAH 20 000 from the Party’s cashier’s.
– He could get money only at the office of the Party of Regions. – says the journalist Oleksandr Namozov. – and they did it. Just stole the money.
During the last years Latartsev lived in Kyiv. He never inquired about his older mother’s heath. This fact upsets his ex-wife Elena the most, – says STB. “Their son is a militant, served in the Army in Zhytomyr. His father’s betrayal is very painful to him. He doesn’t want to even hear about him”.
– He lied that he has three children. — says Elena Latartseva. – It is not true. He has only one son, whom he put in a very bad position. Teachers all say that the run of Latartsev is a well planned propaganda. A week ago Latartsev with his new wife were in Kostopil, they had very miserable and poor looks, but when they were going to Russia – they looked like kings, – say the colleagues of the ran-away couple.

Information from: «Vikna-News», STB