May 14, 2014 the member of Ukrainian parliament Oleh Tsariov wrote on his Facebook page that Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) had allegedly commanded its employees to catch citizens of the Russian Federation in order to subsequently announce them “subversives”.


“A scan of some interesting document has been found in Internet. This is a copy of the SSU order. It says that First Deputy Head of the SSU Vasyl Krutov commanded his subordinates to catch citizens of the Russian Federation. Then there are recommendations to choose those without relatives in Ukraine and make them “subversives”. It means the leaders of the SSU order to detain innocents. Moreover, it is commanded to knock out and falsify their evidences”, wrote Oleh Tsariov.

In support of his words Tsariov published an alleged scan of the mentioned copy on his page.

This news was spread around by some mass media. For example, Russian “First channel” made a whole story:

However, the scan of the document is a forgery, as reported by Ukrainian journalist Iryna Solomko on her Facebook page.

“Faked documents, which are said to testify the SSU order to its employees to falsify information about “spies from the RF”, were falsified in Crimea and spread by the Party of Regions deputy Oleh Tsariov.

This fact is testified by the original of the document, which was used as a material for the forgery. The original is an answer of the SSU to the complaint, addressed to the inhabitant of Sevastopol Shestakovych as far long ago as November 2010.

Using graphic editor, forgers added to the document the label “Top secret”, changed the text, the recipient, month and year. Meanwhile the date and the document reference number, written by the same hand, remained identical. The signature, belonging not to Krutov, but to the then Deputy Head of the SSU Khimey, remained as well.

Besides, no-good falsifiers left out of consideration that the SSU have been using forms of another standard for almost a year. They also made some lexical mistakes, having used words of Russian origin”, wrote Iryna Solomko.

In support of her words journalist published two documents: the scan referred to by Tsariov and the scan of the answer to the complaint of the inhabitant of Sevastopol (click the image to view at full size).