Videos, showing an alleged shelling of Donetsk with forbidden phosphorus bombs, are being spread throughout the Network.

For example, the site “News agency Novorossia” published a video entitled “Phosphorus Bombing of Donetsk 09 09 2014 01:30”:

A similar video entitled “Donetsk. Night shelling 09.09.2014” was published on Youtube:

Similar videos also appeared in July. For example, this one, entitled “Donetsk. Phosphorus Bombing. Mandrykino. 07.26. 2014”:

But the videos do not show phosphorus bombing. This is an aviation heat flare for protection against MANPAD.

And requesting “фосфорные бомбы” (phosphorus bombs – eng) you could find in Internet videos entirely different. Here is the explosion of a phosphorus bomb:

Another example – phosphorus bombing of adversaries of Bashar Assad in Syria: “Syria. Phosphorus Bombing from MiG-2s”.

It is also important to distinguish “phosphorus” bombs and bombs “containing phosphorus”. Bombs of the first type use phosphorus as killing substance. They are employed for personnel and machinery burning (for ex., 3-843А bomb). In bombs of the second type phosphorus is used for getting light and smoke. Besides, they have another sort of phosphorus (for ex., С-843 or Д-843А bombs). The first bombs, incendiary, are forbidden to use in residential areas. The second ones could be used even in cities.

By Zoya Melnyk.