The absurdity of the news about the exportation of Scythian gold by Yatsenyuk is very clear. However, our readers kept sending this fake for us to refute. So here we are.

We want to remind that on the 13th March LifeNews stated that Arseniy Yatsenyuk the prime minister of Ukraine supposedly exported Scythians gold as a guarantee of IMF debt repayments. The cost of these relics was estimated at $20 billion.

Nevertheless, Lyudmila Strokova – the head of Historical Treasures of Ukraine – denied this information.

She said “Scythian gold, just like the rest of the museum’s collection is in the museum that is located on the territory of Kiev-Pechersk reserve. It was not exported anywhere. Nobody even tried to do that”.

Lyudmila Strokova also mentioned that some parts of the collection are on the exhibition in the museum in Amsterdam.

“There is a big exhibition open in Amsterdam, there are approximately 20 artifacts there, the rest are in the museum here”

According to her, there are originals in both the museum and exhibition.

She added “Making copies is very expensive”. She also mentioned that there are some copies in the museum that were made during the Soviet Union.

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