Recently some of the mass media spread the information about the ransacking of Lviv Oblast Internal Troops arsenals, reporting over five hundred units of AK assault rifles, 2741 Makarov pistols, 123 light machine guns and 12 RPO-A «Shmel» rocket launchers stolen. In particular the news was provided by «RIA Novosti», originating from some kind of a «source». Later this «piece of news» received over a thousand of reposts from social networks users.

This information was disproved for StopFake  by the Internal Troops Western territorial command chief communications officer Vadym Holub.

– The Internal Troops of the Ministry for Internal Affairs of Ukraine do not have RPO-A «Shmel» rocket launchers in the weapons inventory. The liars did not know it, — he added.

This information is proved by the official web site of the Internal Troops of Ukraine:

«As was reported earlier, during the night of February 18 2014, one of the buildings of the 4114 military base in Lviv was set on fire.

The fire spread to the neighbouring buildings, including the arsenal, which had been guarded all the time.

The weapons, ammo and military equipment inside the arsenal was destroyed by the fire, the arsenal ransacking did not take place.

Criminal proceeding #42014140410000007 was open after discovering weapons during the incident site examination. The information was added to the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations.

The Public Prosecutor Office for supervision over observance of military laws in western Ukraine completed full check of weapons according to the list. There was no dearth of weapons or ammo. The criminal proceeding was closed.

Besides, the RPO-A «Shmel» rocket launchers are not listed in the inventory of the Internal Troops of the Ministry for Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the site adds.