The Russian Presidential Council on Civil Society and Human Rights published a report entitled “Problems of Crimean residents” in which, among other things, launched its own version of how many people took part in the referendum on March, 16th and how many of them supported the annexation to Russia.

Quote: “According to almost all citizens and professionals surveyed: – The vast majority of the people of Sevastopol voted in a referendum to join Russia (50-80% turnout). According to various sources, in Crimea 50-60% voted for joining Russia, with the total turnout of 30-50 %.

– The people of Crimea voted not so much for joining Russia, as for the termination, in their words, of “corruption and lawlessness of the thieves of domineering Donetsk henchmen”. The people of Sevastopol voted precisely for annexation to Russia . Fears of illegal armed groups in Sevastopol were higher than in other regions of the Crimea”.

Just to remind you, according to official data, annexation of the Crimea to Russia was supported by 96.77% of the population of Crimea with turnout of 83.01% and by 95.6% of the residents of Sevastopol with turnout of 89.5%.