Russian TV channel «Mir 2» erroneously reported that the General Prosecutor of Ukraine detained snipers shooting in Simferopol.


As you may recall the incident happened in the evening of 18th March. A sniper was shooting in two directions from an unfinished building located near the military unit. Two people were killed as a result.

In their story on “Mir 2” they are referring to the “RIA News” report, which in their turn is quoting a Ukrainian information agency “UNIAN”. However, both information agencies are talking about snipers shooting at Maydan in Kiev in February, rather than about a sniper shooting in Simferopol.


In reality the General Prosecutor of Ukraine identified the people shooting at Maydan. Oleg Mahnitsky – General Attorney – stated this in his interview with “5 Channel”.

He said, “Snipers shooting on Maydan were identified. I cannot mention their last names but we know them. So far all of them are Ukrainian citizens”.