The website Russkaya vesna  (eng. – Russian Spring) informed that so-called “eurointegrational” Law “On Safety and Quality of Food Products”, adopted by the new Ukrainian authority, comes into effect from January 1, 2015. “Under the conditions of increasing prices and tariffs this innovation of pro-Western junta will kill thousands of pensioners and peasants. The law deprives owners of private business of their right to trade products of own production on markets. Thus, people who sell home-made sour cream, milk, curds and meat will lose their earnings”, it is said in the article.

As a proof, they published the Article 35 of the Law “On Safety and Quality of Food Products”:


This information was reposted by many websites.

However, this law has nothing to do with the current Ukrainian authority and eurointegration that was made Ukrainian policy this year.

It goes about the Law №771/97-VR “On Safety and Quality of Food Products”, the article 35 “About Agro-Industrial Markets”. It was adopted as far back as in 1997 and signed by then-President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma on December 23, 1997. At that moment this article was already there with one amendment: “Chapter XI, p.1. This Law comes into effect from the day of its publication, except for the part 2 of the Article 33 and the part 1 of the Article 35, which shall come into effect from January 1, 2010”.

The next version of this law №1665-VI appeared in 2009 and was signed by then-President Viktor Yushchenko on October 22, 2009. Among other things, that version said: “I. In paragraph 1 of the Chapter XI of the Law of Ukraine “On Safety and Quality of Food Products” (771/97-ВР) “2010” should be changed into “2015”.

And in 2014, when eurointegration was set as the new policy of the country, the Parliament of Ukraine adopted the new Law №1602-18 “On Basic Principles and Requirements for Safety and Quality of Food Products”. This law should harmonize Ukrainian legislation with EU standards. And it is this law №1602-18 that abolishes the old one, №771/97-VR. This “eurointegrational” law was adopted on July 22, 2014 and signed by the President Petro Poroshenko. It will come into effect on September 20, 2015.

The “eurointegrational” law №1602-18 abolishes the Article 35 and, instead of forbidding, permits to trade milk and meat products on agromarkets on condition that these products pass proper control (the Article 36 of the new Law).


Thus, it would be correct to state that the prohibition to trade milk and meat products on agromarkets is abolished thanks to eurointegration.