April 16 2014 Ukrainian news site forUm published an «exclusive comment» from a professor of political science at the University of Bonn, Gerd Langguth. In his interview for forUm he criticised the current Ukrainian government, calling its members «hooligans and raiders». Langguth also stated that the Ukrainian government does not command respect in Europe.


These messages were reposted by a number of Ukrainian news sites.





And also InPressGigaMir and many others.

However, this is fake news. The professor of the University of Bonn Gerd Langguth died almost a year ago, which makes his communicating with Ukrainian journalists quite unlikely.
Here is an article about Langguth in Wikipedia. Here is the news of his death on the site of German news agency Spiegel Online 12 May 2013.


StopFake team wishes their forUm colleagues best of luck and inspiration in their tortuous work.