Vladimir Varfolomeyev in his LiveJournal writes:


One of the stories in Crimean occupation: so called “unknown armed individuals” in Sevastopol came to cut off electricity at Navy headquarters.

Transcript of the video:

[first male voice]: Keep the ranks, keep the ranks!

[female voice(s) and then another male’s voice echoing]: Why are you doing this?! It is a provocation!

[male voice]: It is not a provocation! Electricity will be cut off, let them

[Ukrainian servicemen in the Navy’s HQ] have no light.

[male voices]: Stop it! Stop it! [male voice and female voices]: These are our guys inside!

[male voice shouting]: Where were you when our Berkut guys [reference to Ukraine’s riot police unit Berkut sent to Kiev to quell people’s protests in late 2013-early 2014] were set on fire?! Bastard!

[civilian man in a hat]: It is not a provocation. We will not go against guns. We are not doing anything. We are here to keep you safe!

[female voice]: Our children are inside! They are also Russians!

[another male voice]: Nothing is going to happen to them. Let them sit for a while with lights off.

[male voice shouting]: Where were you when Berkut and internal troops were set on fire?!

[male voice]: … and tomorrow the gas will be cut off, and we will be sitting and freezing in our apartments.

[female voice]: Defenders…

Everything was just like each time: the uniform and weapons are Russian, but no markings on anything. However, on the uniform of one of the soldiers we spotted a label, which was not torn off during the quick packing.

We found Arman Dosanov in social networks.

As we expected he turned out to be not the ‘activist of the self-defense forces of Russian population in Crimean” as they say, but a soldier serving at Special Forces of the Chief Investigation Department from Saratov region. In the past there was news that Special Forces from Povolzhzhya were sent to Crimea back on February 24. In fact, there is probably no need to search for these or similar proofs to the facts that Crimea is seized by the Russian army, not NATO, aliens or any other country. Only one country announced about plans on invasion of the neighboring country and then quietly implemented the plan. This obvious fact is being denied on the official level only not to cause even more international perturbations.

P.S.. By the way, once in our history a similar fact has happened already. In November 1994 pro-Russian forces in Chechnya went to attack Groznyy, which was in power of Dzhokhar Dudaev. The Russian official propaganda persuaded us that those are native Chechnyans trying to restore constitutional order in their republic. But very soon we all learned that the majority of them were soldiers of the Russian army, who at that time were either “on vacation’’ like our Dosanov A.M., or sent to serve FSB (Federal Security Service). Later Russian politicians had to fly to Groznyy to rescue prisoners or at least to bring back the dead bodies. Only opposition politicians and human rights defenders did that, since the official authorities abandoned their soldiers and left them to fend for themselves. The present Special Forces soldiers probably do not know about this shameful episode of the military history.