Photos and videos of Odessa Portside Plant (OPP) allegedly meetingappeared in social networks recently. “Today, December 14, we – workers of the OPP came out to the strike in order to prove that the working class can defend its interests against anybody! We have about 600 people, “- stated in the post of the newly created groupin”Vkontakte” social network.

There are people holding placards “Let us work with Donbass”, “Kolomoisky, hands off from OPP” and so on on the photos. On the posed video Maxim Nechaev, who name himself a specialist of plant quality control reads the letter of allegedly employees to the President Petero Poroshenko.

Allegedly workers HMOs. Photo:
Allegedly workers HMOs. Photo:
Allegedly workers HMOs. Photo:
Allegedly workers HMOs. Photo:

Some local media have immediately picked up the information. interviewed the OPP employees: they did not even heard about strike have not even heard, so definitely did not took part in it.

Later it turned out that this meeting was a setting. Photos and videos were filmed in the Crimea. Local edition Crimea. Realities reports that people were paid 400 rubles for participation in the “meeting”.

Screenshot site
Screenshot of the website

“The announcement about the requirement for the crowd scene for the” documentary “was posted a few days ago in a social network by user Andrey Nikolaev. The young man said that a reward of 400 rubles is proposed for the hour and a half of the participation. Nikolaev offered to those who would like to join to meet near the “Auchan” supermarket on December 9 in 13 p.m. At the appointed time about 200 people gathered – mostly students and seniors. Leaders compiled lists of people and headed people to buses. On the way, it turned out that no one have any idea about the future “film” and does not know where is it going to be filmed.

“Today we have an episode where a series of social advertising will be filmed. We need to show the crowd near the plant. You do not need to do anything. Now we are going to ask you to stay along the fence, some of you will keep the posters, some – the streamers”- informed one of the organizers.

The man explained that the crowd should represent the workers fighting for their rights. Also organizer considered necessary to clarify that “advertising” will be shown only by Ukrainian media – not Russian ones. Alert pensioners immediately declared that they have no intension to take part in the actions against Russia. So organizers hastened to reassure people, that tis progect is Ukrainian and is shot in the Crimea, because “it is impossible to film this kind of advertising in Ukraine” In addition, the organizers repeatedly stressed that the project is not for a specific company, but only to demonstrate the general situation with plants.

“Rallies” were given placards with the following statements: “No to illegal privatization”, “Stop robbing working people”, “OPP is people, not the oligarchs” and banners: “No to blockade! Let us working with Donbass people”,” Kolomoisky, hands off from the plant!”. Citizens of Simferopol were holding the slogans and shouted in order not to close the plant for 15 minutes. By three o’clock organizers distributed money among people and took them to the city.

To the most conservative estimate, a series of “social advertising” cost 80 thousand rubles to its organizers – not including the cost of transportation, “- wrote journalists edition of Crimea. Realties.

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