Fake: UN Gives Russia Right to Seize Ukraine in 2014

This week Russian media site Polit Online published a story claiming that the United Nations, responding to a request by former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych from 2014 calling for Russian troops to enter Ukraine, gave Russia permission to capture Ukraine. The source for this story is a Facebook post by Ukrainian Attorney General Yuriy Lutsenko in which he informs that the Ukraine’s United Nations office has received official copies of

Fake: Volyn And Vinnytsia Could Secede From Ukraine

Regional autonomy and local separatism are favorite topics of the Russian disinformation machine. The latest example of this theme is a story disseminated by Russian and pro-Russian Ukrainian media claiming that Volyn’, a northwestern Ukrainian region and Vinnytsia, President Poroshenko’s home town want to secede from Ukraine. The source for this fake story is a Ukrainian Army battalion commander. Russia’s Defense Ministry television channel Zvezda,, Vesti, Novostnoe Agentstvo Kharkov

StopFakeNews #116 [ENG] with Paul Niland

The latest edition of StopFake News with Paul Niland. This week’s fakes include Russia media claims that US Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson named conditions for the recognizing Crimea as Russian territory, Ukraine’s gas consumption doubles claims TASS, Thai tank order, to be or not to be and the thousands of anti-NATO German protests.

Fake: Tillerson Names Conditions under Which Crimea Would Be Recognized as Russian

Scores of Russian media manipulated statements made by US Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson during his congressional confirmation hearing, claiming that Tillerson named the conditions under which America would be prepared to recognize Crimea as Russian territory. Russian state news agency TASS declared that Tillerson had named the terms under which Crimea would be recognized as part of Russia and quickly followed suit claiming that he “clarified” those

Fake: Ukraine Doubles Gas Consumption

On January 10 scores of Russian media featured stories claiming that Ukraine had doubled or even tripled its gas consumption due to severe winter temperatures. Russia’s national press Agency TASS is the source of this story. TASS in turn cites the Ukrainian gas transit company Ukrtransgaz as its source for these claims. TASS suggests that despite Ukraine’s reassurance that it has sufficient gas reserves; it may in fact not have

Fake: Austria’s Foreign Minister for Western Unity with Russia

RT-Ruptly TV aired a segment on the Austrian Foreign Minister’s Sebastian Kurz’s recent visit to the eastern Ukrainian port city of Mariupol entitled Austrian FM backs Russo-Western unity on first tour of Donbass as OSCE chair. The segment however does not contain any such claim by Kurz. While visiting Mariupol Kurz said that the confrontation between the West and Russia has escalated and that both sides must move away from

Fake: Poles Demand Autonomy from Kyiv

Russian media regularly disseminate fake stories about regional autonomy in Ukraine. The latest version of this favorite theme concerns the Polish minority in western Ukrainian, who according to Russian media are demanding economic autonomy and closer integration with Poland. NTV, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Vesti,, Komsomolskaya Pravda and other Russian media all published versions of this fake story. The obscure web site first published this fake story in a text

StopFake Launches Donbas Newspaper

The StopFake organization has launched a new monthly newspaper called Your Right to Know aimed at Ukraine’s occupied territories in the eastern Donbas region. Supported by the British Embassy in Ukraine, the publication has two goals, to educate and inform. “Our stories will focus on media literacy, we will help our readers differentiate fakes from real news stories, introduce them to trustworthy media and debunk the newest Russian fakes and

Fake: Kyiv – The Most Dangerous City in Europe

Last December  the British Independent newspaper published a story about the most dangerous cities in Europe, allegedly based on the Mercer company’s quality of living ranking. According to the article, written by Lianna Brinded and originally published in the Business Insider, Kyiv, is the most dangerous city in Europe. Despite the fact that Russia’s Moscow and Saint Petersburg are rated lower that Kyiv in Mercer’s personal safety ranking, Brinded declares

StopFakeNews #114 [ENG] with Marko Suprun

The latest edition of StopFake News with Marko Suprun. This week fake videos are used to illustrate renewed fighting in Russian separatist occupied Eastern Ukraine; to quote Mark Twain, the death of the Ukrainian currency is “greatly exaggerated” and Oliver Stone jumps on the Russian disinformation bandwagon about Ukraine with his new film “Ukraine on Fire”.

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