StopFakeNews #132 [ENG] with Nina Jankowicz

The latest edition of StopFake News with Nina Jankowicz. This week we look at how the Russian disinformation machine continues to churn out lies about the new visa free agreement between Ukraine and the European Union, we debunk fake claims about Ukraine’s shrinking gold reserves and set the record straight about what Ukraine’s President really thinks about the Donbas area.

Fake: Polish Students Attack Ukrainian Schoolgirl

Many Ukrainian and Russian sites featured a story this week about a Ukrainian schoolgirl who was allegedly attacked and beaten by fellow students in the Polish port city of Gdansk. Many publications claimed the girl was also verbally insulted and called a Banderite whore, referring to the Ukrainian nationalist leader Stepan Bandera. The source for this fake was a video posted to Facebook by a young woman called Marika Pytlewska.

Fake: Poroshenko Advocates Cutting off Donbas and Building a Wall

RIA Novosti Ukraina published an article recently claiming that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko was advocating cutting off the Donbas area of Ukraine and building a wall to separate it from Ukraine. Poroshenko allegedly expressed this view during a May 14 press conference. What the Ukrainian President in fact said, was quite the opposite. Poroshenko defended the Minsk peace agreement; it is this far from perfect agreement which allowed Ukraine to

Fake: EU Can End Visa Free Travel for Ukrainians because of Donbas War

Last week RT’s Russian language site ran a story claiming that the European Union can rescind visa free travel for Ukraine at any moment, if it feels like it. Among the possible reasons for the EU ending visa free travel, which has yet to officially begin in mid-June, RT names corruption, security concerns, particularly with regard to the war in eastern Ukraine and illegal migration, especially what RT calls ‘the

StopFakeNews #131 [ENG] with Cynthia Sularz

The latest edition of StopFake News with Cynthia Sularz. This week we look at how the Russian disinformation machine deals with two of its favorite topics, the Eurovision song contest and EU visa free travel for Ukrainians, and more.

Fake: Record Number of Ukraine Tourists Flocking to Crimea

Russian sites were aflutter with fake stories claiming that Crimea was experiencing a tourist rush from Ukraine. Russia’s security service, the FSB, reported that in the course of three days (April 28-May 1) nearly 20 thousand people entered the peninsula, which Russia annexed from Ukraine in 2014. The majority of visitors, the FSB pointed out, were coming to Crimea for vacation. These fake stories were circulated in Crimean media such

StopFakeNews #130 [ENG] with Cheryl Reed

The latest edition of StopFake News with Cheryl Reed. This week’s fakes include stories about German Chancellor Angela Merkel allegedly wanting to end Russia sanctions, claims that Ukraine’s credit ratings is falling catastrophically, a fake plague outbreak and bizarre claims of organ trafficking.

Fake: Plague Epidemic amongst Ukrainian Soldiers

The self-declared Donetsk People’s Republic is disseminating a fake story claiming that the plague has broken out among Ukraine’s military in the southeastern port city of Mariupol. During his recent briefing, DNR representative Eduard Basurin announced that Mariupol hospitals are filled to capacity with soldiers suffering from tularemia, a “light form of the plague”. The infection is quickly becoming an epidemic and several marines have already died, Basurin claimed. This

Fake: French Customs Confiscate Human Organs from Ukraine

Russian media published a story this week claiming that French customs officers at Paris Orly airport confiscated a shipment of human organs from Ukraine. RusNext was the first Russian site to feature this fake on April 23, it was immediately reprinted by Narodnyi Korrespondent,, Imperia,, blog sites and other marginal internet publications. The story claims that the alleged organs seemingly worth 4 million euros were sent from Dnipro

Fake: Merkel for Ending Russia Sanctions

The sites, and Gosnovosti reported this week that after meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi on May 2, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was advocating ending Russia sanctions. Russian media not only twisted Merkel’s actual statement, they quoted her out of context, completely ignoring that, which goes against the Kremlin’s narrative. What Angela Merkel actually said was that sanctions against Russia can be lifted only when the

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