StopFakeNews #140 [ENG] with Marko Suprun

The latest edition of StopFake News with Marko Suprun. This week we debunk claims that Ukraine is violating the Minsk agreements; a Yugoslav scenario for Ukraine; the IMF and pensions, who loses what and more…

Fake: G20 Admits Kyiv’s Violation of Minsk Agreements

Russian site published a story claiming that the leaders of France and Germany consider that Ukraine has failed to comply with the Minsk agreements, the hasty peace deal between Ukraine, Russia and Russian backed separatists signed in 2015. The story is based on a quote from Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov. The story has no quotes or direct references from the leaders of France or Germany. After a working

Some Things Are Better Left Untold

By Jim Kovpak “Telling the untold” is one of Sputnik News’ slogans. The obvious implication is that the Russian news service covers stories that “they” don’t want you to know about. “They” are the Western “mainstream media,” any media outlet which reports information that contradicts the claims of the Russian Foreign Ministry or the Kremlin. Of course it’s not unheard of for legitimate media outlets to ignore or play down

Fake: Polish Ambassador Wants Yugoslav Scenario for Ukraine

Russian media are busy disseminating a fake story claiming that Poland’s ambassador to Kyiv Jan Piekło wants a Yugoslavian scenario for Ukraine and calls on the United States to help towards that end. In an article menacingly entitled “Warsaw is ready to divide the Ukrainian pie,” Russian site, a prolific disseminator of disinformation and fakes, claims that Ambassador Jan Piekło has proposed to the US that a Yugoslavian scenario

Fake: Lviv to Demolish WWII Glory Monument

As Ukraine continues the de-communization process that parliament ushered in, removing Soviet era monuments and renaming streets with communist connections, Russian media are awash with fake stories accusing Ukraine of fascism and negating the glory of the Great Patriotic War, the Soviet term for World War Two. The latest fake in this narrative is about the monument to Soviet Glory during the war in the Western Ukrainian city of Lviv.

Fake: Scores of Ukrainian Stars Perform in Russia

Russian fakes about Ukraine are not only focused on Ukrainian politics, but also on its culture and pop stars. Last week Russia’s first channel program Vremya Pokazhet announced that many Ukrainian pop stars were giving concerts in Russia, with the popular Ukrainian rock band Okean Elzy leading,  having performed in Russia 35 times in 2016-17. Responding to this patently fake claim, Okean Elzy front man Sviatoslav Vakarchuk tweeted that the

StopFakeNews #139 [ENG] with Paul Niland

The latest edition of StopFake News with Paul Niland. This week we debunk another official separatist office opening in France, dissect claims that Russian pipelines will be the death of Ukraine’s gas transit system, look at “free” medical care in the occupied territories and set the record straight on Ukrainian rock stars performing in Russia.

Fake: Ukrainians Travel to Separatist Occupied Territory for Medical Treatment

Russia’s propaganda organ RT is disseminating a report claiming that Ukrainians are traveling to the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic from Ukraine controlled Donbas territories for free medical treatment. The report claims that it is difficult to obtain medical care in Ukraine, particularly free care, which is readily available in separatist controlled territories. The myth of free medical care in the self-proclaimed republics has been debunked more than once; social media

Fake: Donetsk People’s Republic Opens Offices in France

The so-called Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) continues to open its “official representations” in European countries, with its latest office opening in France. Citing a separatist foreign affairs official the Russian site reports that a DPR representative center was registered in the Marseilles prefecture on June 17. The center is to be headed by former Provence regional adviser Gerald-Hubert Fayard, who announced in a Facebook post that the center will

StopFakeNews #138 [ENG] with Brian Bonner

The latest edition of StopFake News with Kyiv Post editor-in-chief Brian Bonner. This week we dissect claims that visa-free travel to EU countries is a sham, will lead to increased sex trafficking and force Poland to close its border with Ukraine. We also debunk claims that Ukrainian military shot at OSCE monitors.

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