Putin associate to open ‘propaganda centre’ in Berlin

Putin associate to open ‘propaganda centre’ in Berlin

A close associate of Russian President Vladimir Putin is to open a research institute in Berlin, according to Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, which said the centre would be the Kremlin’s main propaganda “factory” in Western Europe. The centre is to be opened on Friday by Vladimir Yakunin, the German paper said. The article, penned by Markus Wehner, described Yakunin as a “far-right” politician who has long been propagating an “orthodox

Russian elite benefits from Putin cult more than he does, Kirillova says

The Putin personality cult is “not only and even not so much a benefit” to the Kremlin leader himself “as to his elite which hiding behind it” is confident that in the end he and not they will be punished “and in many regard justly” for everything, a pattern that means this “unhealthy phenomenon will only grow” and degenerate, Kseniya Kirillova says. This means, of course, that the more angry

As in Soviet Era, Russian Intelligence Harasses Diplomats, Reporters as Relations Deteriorate with West

By Catherine A. Fitzpatrick, for The Interpreter Josh Rogin, a journalist for the Washington Post, has published two articles about the harassment of US diplomats by the Russian secret police. In the first dated June 27, Rogin writes that the Russian intelligence and security services have been “waging a campaign of harassment and intimidation” against US diplomats, embassy staff and families in Moscow and other capitals that has even compelled

Why Vladimir Putin is cheering Brexit — and why he might soon regret it

There is no doubt that Moscow was hoping for Britain to leave the European Union. Its propaganda channels such as RT eagerly championed the “Leave” case, and following the narrow but clear vote in the UK to leave the EU, Russian newspapers and commentators were jubilant, Mark Galeotti wrote for Vox. It’s not so much Brexit itself that matters to the Kremlin, but rather the hope that this will generate yet

Russia Wants to Force Internet Companies to Cooperate With Its Surveillance System

On June 24 the Russian parliament is expected to vote new anti-terrorism measures designed to tighten the Kremlin’s grasp on the Internet. The suggested measures come from fear: The parliamentary elections scheduled for Sept. 18, 2016, are fast approaching, and social media, which was instrumental in getting protesters to streets during the December 2011 elections, is not yet under effective government control. It isn’t for lack of trying. The authorities

Fake: Poroshenko threatens to bomb Russia

Scores of Russian and pro-Russian sites (Pravda.ru, Ukraina.ru, REN.tv, newsday24, Vsya Pravda, InforBuro, Politikus.ru and others)disseminated a story with the menacing headline “Poroshenko threatens to bomb Russia”. Pravda.ru was the first Russian media to carry this story; claiming that President Poroshenko was threatening to use the Ukrainian Air Force to cope with Russian aggression. The story was quickly picked up by other Russian sites. This claim is based on President

StopFakeNews #88 with Irena Chalupa

The latest edition of StopFake News with Irena Chalupa. This week’s fakes include claims of thousands of Ukrainians flocking to Russian occupied Crimea for vacations, distortions about sanctions against Russia being rolled back and yet another fake territorial autonomy claim. This time, its Bukovina.

Fake: Ukrainian tourists flood Crimea

Russian media continue to report that large numbers of Ukrainians are vacationing in occupied Crimea. Crimean First deputy prime minister told RIA Novosti that “Crimean border crossings had to increase the number of personnel manning posts because of the flood of vacationers from Ukraine”. Deputy speaker of the Crimean parliament Andrey Kozenko also claimed that some 120,000 Ukrainians had already visited Crimea, comprising 10% of the overall number of tourists

Russian media distort sanctions danger for US businesses

Russian newspaper Vzglyad published a story claiming that the US State Department has announced that Russian sanctions are harming American and European businesses. Vzglyad quotes Daniel Fried, the State Department’s Coordinator for Sanctions Policy who allegedly said that “in the decision-making process in general, and especially with the introduction of sanctions, do not try to avoid problems. Sanctions lead to undesirable consequences, and always have a price. There are American companies

Fake: Separatist buried alive in Ukraine

Social media and Russian sites are actively reposting a video which allegedly shows a separatist being buried alive in Ukraine. Russian Defense Ministry television station Zvezda announces: A video has appeared on the web showing unknown persons in camouflage presumably executing a DNR (Donetsk People’s republic) or LNR (Luhansk People’s Republic) militant on Ukrainian territory.” The video Zvezda refers to first appeared on YouTube on June 20, 2016 but was later

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