New Google Earth Satellite Update Confirms Presence of Buk in Eastern Ukraine

New Google Earth Satellite Update Confirms Presence of Buk in Eastern Ukraine

Today, Google Earth updated its historical satellite imagery to include Donetsk and Makiivka at 11:08am (local time) on July 17, 2014, the day of the downing of Flight MH17. Bellingcat has previously purchased portions of this image, with the Digital Globe catalog ID of 105041001104D000, to show that the Russian Ministry of Defense had doctored its MH17 evidence, and to search for the Buk on the H21 highway between Donetsk and Torez.

Fake: Bukovina Romanians Demand Territorial Autonomy from Ukraine

The Ukrainski Novyny news site published a story claiming that Romanians living in the Bukovina region of Ukraine are demanding autonomy. The Assembly of Bukovina  Romanians has written to Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko asking that he grant territorial autonomy to Romanians living in the Chernivsti region of Ukraine.  The President’s decision to grant territorial autonomy for the Crimean Tatars has created a legal and political precedent whereby all national minorities

Kremlin trolls are engaged in massive anti-Ukrainian propaganda in Poland

Warsaw — Kremlin “trolls” have launched a massive campaign to discredit Ukraine and Ukrainians in the Polish Internet space. Polish analysts note that an unprecedented wave of anti-Ukrainian propaganda on the Web first appeared in 2013, shortly after the Maidan protests began in Kyiv. In order to convince the Poles that Ukrainians are their bitter enemies, the Internet trolls are repeating the views of the current Kremlin authorities hundreds of

Russia Without BS: Face to Face

I love conversion stories. Perhaps that’s because I’ve had so many myself. I consider it ridiculous that we live in a society that condemns people who change their minds as they learn more, while people who double down on their ignorant beliefs in spite of concrete evidence to the contrary attract throngs of followers. This is why I loved this story from Cracked about a chap who was a professional

Kremlin Watch Monitor ǀ June 20, 2016

After being the only allied president who denies organized Russian military presence in Ukraine, office of the Czech President has given an interview to Sputnik. To our knowledge, this is the first office of Head of Allied State to do so. It confirms our argumentations that the Czech President Miloš Zeman acts as Kremlin Trojan horse. F. Steinmeier has called allied exercise in Poland “sabre-rattling and war cries” and “counterproductive

Russian state television accidentally broadcasts evidence that Moscow uses cluster bombs in Syria

The state-sponsored television channel RT aired footage of a Russian combat aircraft carrying cluster munitions in Syria at the Khmeimim Air Base. In a news report about Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu’s visit to the airbase on June 18, RT broadcast images of RBK-500 ZAB 2.5SM incendiary cluster bombs, say independent researchers. According to the Conflict Intelligence Team, a citizen research project working with open-source data to track Russian military actions in

Russian propaganda claims soldiers who invaded Crimea were “peacekeeping mission”

print version »       (right photo: Reshat Ametov, with two of his three children) A monument to the victims of the Deportation of the Crimean Tatars is to appear in Crimea, sculpted by the same artist responsible for the monument to the Russian soldiers used by Moscow to invade and annex Crimea, Halya Coynash wrote for Human Rights in Ukraine. Perhaps the model presented by Russian sculptor Salavat Shcherbakov

Information war monitor for Central Europe: May 2016 Part 1

GLOBSEC Policy Institute’s bi-weekly overview of conventional and social media discourse in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia monitors propaganda and disinformation attempts, as well as democratic responses in the on-going information war, in order to increase awareness about this recently emerged challenge and promote fact-based discussion in Central Europe. EU & migration USA & NATO TTIP & Brexit   Anti-European propaganda: The pro-Russian propaganda concerning the European Union is still

False Flags: The Kremlin’s Hidden Cyber Hand

For two years the so-called Cyber Caliphate has been the online weapon brandished by the Islamic State against its enemies. Its hacking offensive, including aggressive use of social media, made front-page news around the world, heralding a new front in that murderous group’s worldwide jihad against “infidels”, John R. Schindler wrote for Observer. Pledging support to ISIS, the Cyber Caliphate hacked and defaced U.S. Government websites and social media feeds,

Russia stifles Serbia

The sudden cancellation of Prime Minister Aleksander Vučić’s visits to Brussels and Washington illustrates that Serbia’s new government remains susceptible to Kremlin pressure. Vučić postponed the trips after a pro-government Serbian newspaper reported that the EU and US embassies were fueling street protests against the government in order to destabilize the country, Janusz Bugajski wrote for CEPA. Vučić was scheduled to travel to Brussels for the formal opening of EU

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