Russian Propaganda Deflects Its Meddling in US Election: RT Calls Hillary Clinton the New Joseph McCarthy

Russian Propaganda Deflects Its Meddling in US Election: RT Calls Hillary Clinton the New Joseph McCarthy

By Paula Chertok, East West Blog Russia’s propaganda channel RT (formerly Russia Today), available on most cable networks across the entire US, courtesy of Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin, has been working overtime to influence American viewers and America’s election. Like most propaganda, it begins with a kernel of truth, but then takes a wild turn into false and misleading territory, often in a subtle and emotional way. This clip is intended

Russian diplomats exercised with Hungarian cop killer’s far-right gang

By Dezső András, Panyi Szabolcs, for Index The far-right paramilitary organization led by the police officer’s killer at Bőny, Hungary had ties to Russian diplomats, sometimes they even held joint airsoft drills. GRU, the Russian military intelligence service was also related to those photos (showing T-72 tanks close to the Ukrainian border) that appeared 2 years ago on a website launched by Győrkös and his radical right-wing group. These photos also

How to survive war: Lithuanians are handed 75-page manual telling them what to do if Putin’s forces invade, including a handy guide to spotting a Russian tank

By Julian Robinson for MailOnline Lithuanians have been handed manuals telling them what to do in the event of a Russian invasion, it has emerged. The 75-page booklet, called ‘Prepare to survive emergencies and war’, urges citizens to ‘have the will to resist’ if Vladimir Putin’s forces attack. Extensive guides range from how to recognise Russian tanks to step-by-step survival tricks, including using condoms to help transport food and water.

Russia-Trained Civil Militias Along Bulgaria’s Borders Are ‘Ready for War With Refugees’

At least 800 people are involved in organized militias that hunt refugees along the borders of Bulgaria. According to their leader, they receive free training from Russia. An investigation by German public television channel ZDF aired on June 8 found that at least half of these men have done stints in the Bulgarian military. They wear masks and military camouflage, and most carry knives. Some, however, have guns as well. The idea of civil patrols in Bulgaria is nothing new.

Facebook’s fake news problem won’t fix itself

By Alexios Mantzarlis, Poynter  Evidence of Facebook’s fake news problem is piling up: The “Trending” section keeps getting hoaxed. Hyperpartisan pages spew fake posts that go viral. And traditional media are picking up those fakes as true. The bigger problem, however, is that Facebook seems incapable of rooting out hoaxes even after acknowledging they are clearly fake news. On Aug. 29, it apologized for putting Fox News host Megyn Kelly

Fake: Islamic Radicals Flocking to Southern Ukraine

Russian media regularly portray Ukraine as a threat to world security. Earlier this year scores of Russian sites were awash with fake stories claiming that ISIS was operating training camps in southern Ukraine. Prolonging this theme, this week many Russian sites claimed that Islamist radicals were amassing in the Kherson area. RIA Novosti, Narodnyi Korrespondent,, Kharkov News Agency and many others ran a story citing Russian Duma deputy Ruslan

StopFakeNews #106 with Christi Anne Hofland

The latest edition of StopFake News with America House director Christi Anne Hofland. Among the disinformation debunked this week are Clinton ballot stuffing fakes, militant Motorola’s death coverage censorship, claims that western Ukraine belongs to Poland and discrepancies in reporting war casualties.

Fake: Roshen Factory in Lipetsk Russia Making Profits

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s Roshen confectionery company located in Lipetsk, Russia is operating normally and making a profit, announced Russian President Vlaldimir Putin, while speaking at the Valdai Discussion Club on October 29. “It is operating normally, paying wages and making a profit. There are no limitations on that profit, including its transfer, “ Putin said. Not bothering to check Putin’s statement, Russian media immediately widely disseminated his claim throughout

There They Go Again: International Media Enables Russian Aggression in Ukraine

When does a Russian warlord become a “pro-Russian separatist?” Newsrooms around the world may want to ask themselves this question following Russian militant leader Arsen Pavlov’s assassination in Donetsk in mid-October. In the wake of the killing, one news report after another ran with headlines referring to Pavlov as a pro-Russian separatist leader, creating the impression of a Russia-leaning local who was defending his democratic rights by force of arms. In

Fake: Ukraine Will Have to Return Lviv to Poland

Former Ukrainian member of parliament, currently leader of the Union of Left Forces party Vasyl Volha has questioned Ukraine’s territorial integrity, claiming that because both the Ukrainian and Polish parliaments recognized the 1939 USSR-Nazi Germany Molotov Ribbentrop Pact as being “outside the law”, they have recognized western Ukraine as being Polish, rather than Ukrainian. In a provocative Facebook post Volha posits that Ukrainian and Polish recognition of the illegality of

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