Russian Poet Faces New Criminal Charges for Poem in Support of Ukraine

Russian Poet Faces New Criminal Charges for Poem in Support of Ukraine

Alexander Byvshev is facing another prosecution under Russia’s ‘anti-extremism’ legislation over a poem entitled ‘On Ukraine’s Independence’.  A search was carried out on Jan 17 of the 44-year-old poet’s home in Kromy, the Oryol oblast, with his computer, memory drives, etc. taken away.  Byvshev was taken to the Investigative Committee for questioning, with the next interrogation scheduled for Jan 20.  He says that the search was carried out by officials

Disinformation with a Silicon Valley ethos

By Louise Lief, Columbia Journalism Review Set aside for a moment concerns that the Russians are undermining our democracy, and let’s pause to admire their handiwork. Seen through a Silicon Valley optic, they are remarkable media innovators. They’ve disrupted the tech sector so thoroughly that even Facebook and Google are scrambling. You can picture the approving nods they would get in West Coast boardrooms as they describe their return on

Fake: Volyn And Vinnytsia Could Secede From Ukraine

Regional autonomy and local separatism are favorite topics of the Russian disinformation machine. The latest example of this theme is a story disseminated by Russian and pro-Russian Ukrainian media claiming that Volyn’, a northwestern Ukrainian region and Vinnytsia, President Poroshenko’s home town want to secede from Ukraine. The source for this fake story is a Ukrainian Army battalion commander. Russia’s Defense Ministry television channel Zvezda,, Vesti, Novostnoe Agentstvo Kharkov

Fake: Ukraine Begins Hunt For Separatists

Scores of Russian and pro-Russian publications in Ukraine disseminated news stories  this week with such menacing headlines as “Ukrainian Realities: Prison for Separatism” and “Enemies of the People’s Confiscated Property to be Rewarded to Snitches”, “Separatism to be Punished with Prison Terms”. The story in its different incarnations was written by an Olga Talova, whose byline often appears in many separatist publications. Talova claims that Ukraine has lost the war

Lies make history

By Maximiliane Koschyk, Deutsche Welle From the “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” to ex-US President Bill Clinton’s affair with Monika Lewinsky: lies have shaped history. DW examines the falsehoods that changed the world. Fake news is not a new phenomenon: lies have always been effective means for political ends. We looked back at the biggest falsehoods of the last century and a half. By Maximiliane Koschyk, Deutsche Welle

Did media literacy backfire?

By Danah Boyd, Points Anxious about the widespread consumption and spread of propaganda and fake news during this year’s election cycle, many progressives are calling for an increased commitment to media literacy programs. Others are clamoring for solutions that focus on expert fact-checking and labeling. Both of these approaches are likely to fail — not because they are bad ideas, but because they fail to take into consideration the cultural context of

Russian state television flips president Obama a farewell bird

America’s ‘eight-year disgrace,’ according to Kremlin propaganda By Ola Cichowlas, The Moscow Times Ever since President Putin appointed him to lead the a state-owned international news agency, Dmitry Kiselyov has dedicated most of his Sunday television show to slamming Barack Obama as one of history’s worst leaders. This has often given his program somber overtones, but the most recent episode was quite jubilant: it’s the last time Kiselyov goes on

Fake: Ukraine Doubles Gas Consumption

On January 10 scores of Russian media featured stories claiming that Ukraine had doubled or even tripled its gas consumption due to severe winter temperatures. Russia’s national press Agency TASS is the source of this story. TASS in turn cites the Ukrainian gas transit company Ukrtransgaz as its source for these claims. TASS suggests that despite Ukraine’s reassurance that it has sufficient gas reserves; it may in fact not have

Three thousand fake tanks

How a network of conspiracy sites spread a fake story about US reinforcements in Europe By Ben Nimmo, DFRLab On January 4, a little-known news site based in Donetsk, Ukraine published an article claiming that the United States was sending 3,600 tanks to Europe as part of “the NATO war preparation against Russia”. Like much fake news, this story started with a grain of truth: the US was about to reinforce

Facebook launches initiative to combat fake news in Germany

The social media giant has announced a series of measures to curb news-packaged disinformation on its German platforms. Analysts have dubbed Germany a “fake news hotspot” as it enters a key election year. Facebook on Sunday announced an initiative to combat the proliferation of fake news on its German-language social media platforms. “We are working very carefully on a solution to this problem. Our efforts are focused on the distribution

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