Fake: Kyiv Government Admits City Smog Caused by Low Grade Coal

Fake: Kyiv Government Admits City Smog Caused by Low Grade Coal

The Ukrainian newspaper Vesti published a story this week claiming that the recent smog enveloping Ukraine’s capital Kyiv was by caused by the city’s power plants using low grade coal. The newspaper avows that they published this story, Kyiv authorities admitted that low grade coal used by power plants did cause the smog and subsequently began addressing the problem seriously. Vesti also claims that the region where Kyiv’s power plant

Fake: Separatists Regain Control of Avdiivka

Russian Defense Ministry television channel Zvezda declared this week that the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic  had retaken Avdiivka, a town in Donetsk oblast close to Russian separatist occupied territory. Avdiivka has never been under separatist control, the town is part of free Ukraine and under the control of the Ukrainian armed forces. Zvezda then declared that Ukrainian military had resumed shelling Avdiivka, when in fact it is the Russian supported

StopFakeNews #117 with Nina Jankowicz

The latest edition of StopFake News with Nina Jankowicz. This week’s fakes include Ukraine‘s New Holiday – Day of the Avenger, Kyiv’s new language law will completely ban Russian, Ukrainian naval ships freeze in Odessa harbor, Goebbels’ diaries show growing Nazism in Ukraine.

Fake: UN Gives Russia Right to Seize Ukraine in 2014

This week Russian media site Polit Online published a story claiming that the United Nations, responding to a request by former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych from 2014 calling for Russian troops to enter Ukraine, gave Russia permission to capture Ukraine. The source for this story is a Facebook post by Ukrainian Attorney General Yuriy Lutsenko in which he informs that the Ukraine’s United Nations office has received official copies of

Creating a Trust Toolkit for journalism

Over the last decade newsrooms have spent a lot of time building their digital toolbox. But today we need a new toolbox for building trust By Josh Stearns, Verification Junkie, for FirstDraftNews Earlier this year Gallup reported that trust in media, already at dismal levels, reached an all-time low. This erosion in trust has real implications for journalism’s role in democracy, its sustainability and its ability to be an anchor

Goebbels Techniques Inspire Russian Propaganda

Russian media are incensed that Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels’ diary will be published in a Ukrainian translation. With monotonous predictability, the Kremlin claims Ukrainians are glorifying Nazism.  But Moscow’s real concern is that an examination of Goebbels’ techniques exposes how closely Putin’s methods, using lies and fake news, are derived from and mirror those of the masterful Nazi propagandist. Talking about the book, the director of the Kharkiv-based Folio

Fake: Ukrainian Naval Ships Frozen

Ukrainian ships are frozen in ice, Russian media declared last week. The Defense Ministry television channel Zvezda, Sputnik, Moskovsky Komsomolets, Argumenty I Fakty all sourced the Odessa news portal O48 as their source of this gleeful but completely fake claim. O48 did in fact have a story about winter weather in Odessa, colorfully describing how ice floes had formed in the Gulf of Odessa and captured the harbor where Ukrainian

Google has banned 200 publishers since it passed a new policy against fake news

The company routinely weeds out “bad ads.” Now it weeds out more bad ad publishers, too. Google kicked 200 publishers off one of its ad networks in the fourth quarter, partly in response to the proliferation of fake news sites. The company banned the publishers from its AdSense network, an ad placement service that automatically serves text and display ads on participating sites based on its audience. The ban was

Historical Truth Banned in Russian-Occupied Crimea

Where Russia cannot prosecute for annoyingly inconvenient but entirely provable truth, it opts for bans.  It has driven out most independent media from Russian-occupied Crimea and blocked access to many sites based in mainland Ukraine.  If before the bans have been directed against sites reporting on current events in Crimea, they now appear to have decided that truth about the past is also unpalatable, and have targeted the Kyiv-based website Istorychna Pravda

Fake news is a red herring

Fake news, propaganda and “disinformatzya” are changing the media landscape – in the US, Russia and Turkey and across the world. The question is how to combat them? By Ethan Zuckerman, for DW Watching the 2016 US presidential election was already a surreal experience, as dozens of qualified candidates lost out to a failed businessman and reality television star. But the strangness of the election was complicated by news stories

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