Sputnik and RT manipulation in Arabic: Al Rukban as a “Nazi Camp”

Sputnik and RT manipulation in Arabic: Al Rukban as a “Nazi Camp”

By EU vs Disinfo Up to 6.2 million Syrians have fled their homes inside Syria since the beginning of the Syrian conflict, and 5.6 million have been forced to take refuge in neighbouring countries. Of the 6.2 million refugees, only about 3 per cent – 170,000 people – have returned to Syria since 2016, according to UN records. The returns of Syrian refugees and displaced people have been making headlines in Russian

The Global Disinformation Order: 2019 Global inventory of organised social media manipulation

By Computational Propaganda Research Project Over the past three years, we have monitored the global organization of social media manipulation by governments and political parties. Our 2019 report analyses the trends of computational propaganda and the evolving tools, capacities, strategies, and resources. 1. Evidence of organized social media manipulation campaigns which have taken place in 70 countries, up from 48 countries in 2018 and 28 countries in 2017. In each

Fake: Ukraine to Resume Train Service to Crimea

Citing an interview with Ukraine’s Minister for Infrastructure, Russian and Ukrainian media reported this week that Kyiv intends to resume train service to Crimea. In fact, the minister did not say anything of the kind and has personally debunked the fake that irresponsible media disseminated without verifying the facts. Journalists seriously distorted Minister Vladislav Krykliy’s interview to Radio Liberty. Russia’s RIA Novosti  went so far as to claim that Ukrainian

Kremlin Watch Briefing: Who is behind the top 5 Russian channels?

WHO IS BEHIND THE TOP 5 RUSSIAN CHANNELS? Hybrid Warfare Analytical Group has come up with an infographic covering the subjects behind the top 5 Russian channels: Russia 1 channel, Channel 1, Channel 5, NTV Channel and REN TV channel. WHAT DO THEY HAVE IN COMMON? Each of them has either direct or indirect ties to the Russian government, the ruling party United Russia, Gazprom or to people with close relations

WhatsApp’s message forwarding limits do work (somewhat) to stop the spread of misinformation

By Laura Hazard Owen, for NiemanLab Plus: “Newsworthiness” and how politicians are fact-checked on Facebook, and the number of countries with political disinformation campaigns has more than doubled in the past two years. The growing stream of reporting on and data about fake news, misinformation, partisan content, and news literacy is hard to keep up with. This weekly roundup offers the highlights of what you might have missed. “The number

Poklonskaya suggests moving UN HQ to Crimea to end annexation “fairy tale”

By Polygraph Natalya Poklonskaya Member of Russian Parliament “In order to end all speculations and outdated and very annoying fairy tales from overseas about the annexation of Crimea, it would be good to consider the opportunity of relocating the UN headquarters to Crimea, for example to Yalta.” Source: Tass Russian News Agency, September 26, 2019 False The UN does not recognize Crimea as Russian territory On Thursday, September 26, Natalya

Serbian journalists expose a ruling party bot application used to manipulate readers’ comments on media websites

By Filip Stojanovski, fpr Global Voices Activists of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), nicknamed ‘SNS bots’, have been using a mobile application to post thousands of ‘up-votes’ and ‘down-votes’ on comments to articles of popular media websites Kurir and Espresso, to influence the perceptions of their readers, revealed a research by the Centre for Investigative Journalism of Serbia (CINS). In an investigative story published on 4 September 2019, journalists

The Kremlin Reads Nineteen Eighty-Four: Disinformation is Truth

By EU vs Disinfo Sputnik Latvia brings forward a quote by George Orwell from his novel Nineteen-Eighty-Four, commenting on the European Parliament’s resolution on the importance of European remembrance for the future of Europe: “Who controls the past, controls the future”. Sputnik’s columnist suggests that the parliamentarians have been inspired by the methods outlined in the novel’s Ministry of Truth and compare the European Parliament’s resolution with the 1936 Anti-Comintern

Kseniya Kirillova: Countering Russia’s ‘ideologies for export’ propaganda and disinformation war

By Ksenia Kirillova, for Homeland Security Today The theme of the need to confront Russian propaganda is relevant for most Western countries for at least the past few years. As Russian “information operations” spread around the world, more and more initiatives are being created to expose the lies and distortions emanating from the Kremlin: projects to expose fake news, analytical centers that review and monitor disinformation campaigns, and many private initiatives to observe Russian media.

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