Fake: Relations between Russia and the West Deteriorating because of Ukraine

Relations between Russia and the West have worsened because of Ukraine where a coup has brought on a civil war, RT declared this week. The article regurgitates various tried and true Kremlin tropes, that Western countries are coming around to Russia’s side, that the Russia sanction front is weakening and that the reason for worsening relations with the West is Ukraine, where the “2014 coup led to a civil war”.

Fake: Ukraine to Resume Train Service to Crimea

Citing an interview with Ukraine’s Minister for Infrastructure, Russian and Ukrainian media reported this week that Kyiv intends to resume train service to Crimea. In fact, the minister did not say anything of the kind and has personally debunked the fake that irresponsible media disseminated without verifying the facts. Journalists seriously distorted Minister Vladislav Krykliy’s interview to Radio Liberty. Russia’s RIA Novosti  went so far as to claim that Ukrainian

Is Turkey the Trojan Horse of NATO?

More and more often the need of creating the European army, the army functioning besides the NATO is brought up. It would protect the borders of European Union member states. The proponents of this conception point out that in NATO structures we have such Trojan Horses as, e.g. Turkey. Can we really expect any actions deconstructing the structure of the alliance from Turkey? “I think that all solutions alternative to

Ecuadorian leak. Millions of data records in the Web

Sources: vpnMentor, El Comercio, El Universo, BBC In the mid-September 2019 the rarely seen personal data leak had place. The data of over twenty million Ecuadorians were put in an unsecured cloud. It is worth noticing, that the Ecuador’s population is only about seventeen million – the leak did not spare the dead. Additionally, in this number, almost seven million of records belong to minors. It is still not clear

Truth at any cost. Vatican versus fake news

“The task of a journalist is to identify reliable sources, putting them in the context and interpreting them”, said pope Francis on the meeting with representants of the Vatican media. In his speech he addressed the epidemy of fake news and widely understood disinformation. Pope Francis on Monday (23rd September 2019) had a meeting with representants of Vatican Dicastery for Communication. In the Regal Room of the Apostolic Palace four

A lot of money from disinformation. How to earn from lies on Internet

Sources:,,,, At least 235 million USD was earned from advertising on websites of disinformation and extremist character.  Worth noticing, ad exchanges whose ads were shown on the dark side of the Internet could have no consciousness of what type of activity they sponsor. The new research by Global Disinformation Index organization shows that the issue is serious. Researchers analyzed over 20 thousand of dubious Internet

Facebook Oversight Board

Sources: TechCrunch, CNBC, Business Insider In the middle of September, Facebook published a charter, in which it announced creation of an independent Facebook Oversight Board. Its decisions shall override Mark Zuckerberg, the website creator. He said that “the board’s decision will be binding, even if I or anyone at Facebook disagrees with it.” Earlier, Zuckerbeg compared the board with the Supreme Court. The concept dates back to 2018, but now

Attack on Skripal and chemical attack in Syria are linked by one thing – Russian propaganda

Functioning in the internet, using social media, being a member of closed topic groups, we put ourselves at risk of being a target of manipulation operations. In such case it is easy to distribute the content propagandists want us to. Completely unconsciously, sometimes even in good faith. What to do to not be an involuntary outlet of foreign propaganda? The awareness of environmental threats can help – for example we

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