Russian missile Kh-101 hit the main children’s hospital in Kyiv Ohmatdyt. This is evidenced by the video of the direct hit of the missile on the territory of the hospital. The video clearly shows that the missile has a distinctive tail and engine, which is characteristic of the appearance of the Kh-101, which is in service with the army of the Russian Federation. Moreover, the hits on other Ukrainian medical facilities on the same day testify to a planned and deliberate attack on Ukraine’s civilian medical infrastructure. This constitutes yet another planned war crime by the Russian Federation in Ukraine.  

In social networks and on Russian websites, information is being spread en masse that a Ukrainian missile allegedly hit the Ohmatdyt («Motherhood and Childhood Protection») children’s hospital in Kyiv on July 8, 2024. In the network at first spread the version that the hospital was hit by a missile of the American air defense system Patriot. Later another version appeared, according to which an AIM-120 munition from the NASAMS system fell on the hospital.

«It looks very much like Zelensky’s regime has prepared a provocation of the type ‘strike by a missile of the Russian Aerospace Forces’ on the children’s hospital Ohmatdyt in Kyiv. Ukrainian propaganda is already spreading photos and videos of the arrival around the medical facility with cries of ‘Orban! Look what your friends are doing!’ If the Russian missile had hit the hospital with a direct hit, there would have been nothing to shoot there,» they wrote on social networks. Earlier, Russian websites reported that the Russian army still carried out a missile strike on the center of Kyiv, but not on the hospital, but on a «meeting of the Ukrainian forces General Staff». It allegedly took place «in a building next to a children’s hospital».

All the above-mentioned numerous versions of pro-Kremlin websites are fake. In fact, Kyiv’s main children’s hospital Ohmatdyt was hit by a Russian Kh-101 missile. This is evidenced by the video footage of the missile’s direct arrival at the hospital building, which clearly captures the appearance of the munition. The video also shows that the missile was not hit by air defenses, and flew unhindered to the programmed target.

The peculiarity of the Russian cruise missile Kh-101 is the characteristic tail and the presence of a turbojet engine R95-300 in the tail part. Neither the missiles to Patriot, nor the ammunition for NASAMS have such an engine. But it is clearly visible on the missile that hit Ohmatdyt. In addition, the front of the AIM-120 missile from NASAMS has a sharper shape than the missile in the video. Such a rounded «nose» fully corresponds to the Kh-101.

Moreover, pro-Kremlin accounts spread news about the shelling of Ohmatdyt, supplementing it with pictures of shrapnel, which is allegedly used in missiles to air defense systems. However, these pictures were taken not in Kyiv, but in Odesa back in 2022 and have nothing to do with the missile attack on the capital on July 8.

The Russian attack on Ohmatdyt, however, was not the only hit on a medical facility in Ukraine on July 8, 2024, that could be mistaken for a weapon error or inaccuracy. 

At around 1:00 p.m., a second Russian missile attack on Kyiv destroyed the building of the Adonis Medical Center for Mothers and Children with a targeted strike. These strikes indicate a planned attack on Ukrainian civilian infrastructure, particularly children’s hospitals. According to the authors of Tatarigami_ua, a social network X account dedicated to military analytics, this Russian strike is part of a targeted strategy aimed at forcing Ukrainian civilians into submission. «This strategy is coupled with the systematic destruction of the country’s energy infrastructure. The approach is clear: deprive a modern, industrialized society of essential services like electricity, internet, and healthcare, while instilling fear for the future of children. This generated social pressure is intended to push Ukraine’s leadership into negotiations from a weakened position, allowing Russia to secure the most advantageous terms,» Tatarigami_ua writes.

Another sign of fake information on the part of Russian propaganda is the dissemination of multiple versions of the same incident and the creation of information noise in which it would be difficult for an ordinary news consumer to make sense of. This is exactly the pattern seen in pro-Kremlin media and social networks after the attack on Ohmatdyt, just as in the case of the shooting down of passenger airliner flight MH17 in 2014, and in many other Russian war crimes.
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