The Berlusconi family owned Italian daily newspaper Il Giornale published an article by Luca Romano claiming that prominent ballet dancer Serhiy Polunin is a Ukrainian Nazi. The proof for this outrageous claim according to Romano, are the dancer’s tattoos.


Romano claims that the tattoo of the Ukrainian national symbol the trident on Polunin’s left hand is a symbol of the ultra-right organization the Right Sector. Romano saw the dancer’s tattoos in a photoshoot that Polunin did for the Italian clothing line Pal Zileri.




The trident is the official coat of arms of the Ukrainian state and dates back to the 9th century. The Right Sector uses a stylized trident as their symbol with a sword in the middle; Polunin’s tattoo does not contain the sword.


Romano also writes that another of Polunin’s tattoos, a stylized rune is really a Nazi symbol.
The tattoo is a kolovrat, an ancient Slavic mythological symbol of the sun dating back some 12,000 years.


This summer Spanish media accused a Ukrainian footballer of neo-Nazism for wearing a t-shirt with the Ukrainian trident, calling the Ukrainian coat of arms a “Right Sector symbol”.