Russian media are claiming that Ukraine is poised to enact a new language law which will ban Russian and make Ukrainian the sole and exclusive language in the country.

REN TV, RT and Khakasiya Inform all carried this fake story claiming that Ukrainian will become obligatory for government bodies, education, publishing and media without providing any details or proof of these claims.

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propagande russe fake
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The draft law under consideration in the Ukrainian parliament allows the use of languages other than Ukrainian in government business but requires translation into Ukrainian.

Languages other than Ukrainian are allowed in court proceedings and police business, political campaigns not financed by the taxpayer can be carried out in other languages, theater performances, films, radio and television all are allowed broadcast music and programming in minority languages, including Russian.

Media can also publish in several languages.


The new draft law reconfirms that Ukrainian is the state language of the country, but does not prohibit Russian or any other language and does not give Ukrainian any “exclusivity”.