The Segodnya newspaper published a news story claiming that Ukrainians living in places that are not their officially registered residences will be subject to fines.

Website screenshot Segodnya
Website screenshot Segodnya

Citing a March 2, 2016 Cabinet of Ministers resolution No. 207, Segodnya claims that persons who live in places other than their officially registered place of residence for more than 30 days are liable to be fined from 17-51 hryvnia  ($.70-2.00) per day.


This fake claim was also published by, Kommentarii, Vesti and others publications.

Website screenshot Vesti
Website screenshot Vesti
Website screenshot 112 channel
Website screenshot Kommentarii


This government resolution Segodnya refers to lists procedural and administrative requirements for residency registration in Ukraine.  There is no mention of any penalties for those who live in places other than their officially registered residence for more than 30 days.


According to Ukraine’s Administrative Code Article 197 only residence registration with an invalid passport and failing to register within 30 days in a new domicile after officially deregistering from a previous residence are considered violations.

The new residency registration rules also require that persons register only one place of residence, even if residing at several different addresses.