There is no such law draft on the Ukrainian parliament’s website, nor is there any information about this initiative. The screenshot of the Ukrinform website is fake, as the informational agency did not publish this news either. Social media users are spreading information about a draft law allegedly appearing in the Verkhovna Rada, which forbids photographing and videotaping cemeteries in Ukraine. As proof, they attached a screenshot of the news about the draft law that allegedly were posted on the Ukrainian website Ukrinform. 

The news that allegedly were posted on the Ukrinform website claim that ‘in the opinion of legislators, public coverage of the state of Ukrainian cemeteries can provide valuable intelligence information to the Russian military, as well as create a negative information atmosphere in the country itself.’

This news story is yet another one of the Kremlin’s disinformation campaigns, aimed to reinforce the narrative of huge losses in the Ukrainian Forces.

Such a draft law has not been registered in the Ukrainian parliament. Instead, the law on creating the National Military Memorial Cemetery has already been approved on the parliament’s website. It does not prohibit photography and videotaping.

The very screenshot of the publication on the Ukrainian news agency website is fake. No such news was posted on the Ukrinform website. It is worth noting that the document registration number is always indicated in the publications about the draft laws, and yet it is absent in the fake news.

Earlier, StopFake refuted the news that there are ‘almost no twenty-year olds’ left in Ukraine due to the war.