RIA Novosti Ukraina published an article recently claiming that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko was advocating cutting off the Donbas area of Ukraine and building a wall to separate it from Ukraine. Poroshenko allegedly expressed this view during a May 14 press conference.

propagande russe fake
Website screenshot RIA Novosti Ukraina

What the Ukrainian President in fact said, was quite the opposite. Poroshenko defended the Minsk peace agreement; it is this far from perfect agreement which allowed Ukraine to stop Russia from further incursion into Ukraine. Ukraine was able to introduce sanctions against Russia because of the Minsk agreement and today Russia is paying a price for its war in Ukraine, Poroshenko said, although the price was not an adequate one.

Poroshenko reiterated that there are sanctions in place against Russia for non-compliance with the Minsk agreements.

“We can‘t achieve peace because Putin has no intentions of fulfilling the Minsk accords. But these accords allow us to show who is guilty…. Within the framework of international law, they will force Russia to pay a price for their violation” Poroshenko said.

“There is an offer to cut off these lands, give them to Putin, build a wall, forget about the Donbas, because we will never get it back  … These are not propositions that I could ever consider”  said Ukraine’s President.

A snippet of a phrase pulled out of context and presented according to the Kremlin line is part and parcel the Russian propaganda machine’s agenda. This fake story is a perfect example of that fine-tuned method.