Russian Information Agency “Sputnik” bring out the statement that the construction of the Central Communication Port (CPK) in Poland is meant to allow quick transfer of US military forces and that it would increase American logistical capacity. To support this theory, “Sputnik” informs that on the day when the Polish Sejm (the lower chamber of the parliament) accepted the bill about the construction of the CPK, the former commander of the United States Army Europe, Ben Hodges, was in Warsaw. The agency asks – whom is this port going to serve?


The truth is, that the sequence of the events should be reversed. Firstly, the concept of construction of the Central Communication Port appeared. According to the project, it is going to be the biggest transfer airport in Europe and its construction is going to contribute to development of railroad network and to remodelling of the transportation system. Later appeared the comment by Ben Hodges, the Pershing Chair in Strategic Studies at the Center for European Policy Analysis.

The concept of construction of the Central Communication Port is a plan that dates from few decades ago. Experts remind: This case continues since the Central Rail Line has been built – remembers professor Wlodzimierz Czyczuła from Tadeusz Kościuszko University of Technology, the aviation expert. – Those were the seventies. Already then, the analysis began if such central airport with high capacity was what we needed. In free Poland the idea returned e.g. during the last PiS’ term and lately – in 2011, when Cezary Grabarczyk was the head of infrastructure department. []



What is important, Ben Hodges indeed said to Polish Press Agency that when he heard about the CPK, he thought: it would be useful also for the security reasons; this project is exactly what NATO needs and what EU means in he discussions about the military mobility. However, in any case it should not be interpreted that the airport is being built for military purposes to increase the US military logistical capacity. []

Very quickly in the Net appeared the content following “Sputnik’s” narration that Americans rule in Poland and the Central Communication Port is being created for them.