Last week Russia’s Defense Ministry television channel “Zvezda” published a news item claiming that Ukrainians were taught to hate Russians.


Website Screenshot "Zvezda"
Website Screenshot “Zvezda”

The article entitled “Cutthroat Nazism: how Ukrainians were taught to hate Russians” was illustrated with a photo of a purported Nazi march. However, the march took place in Russia, not in Ukraine.

The photo Zvezda used to illustrate their article was in fact taken in Moscow during the 2013 nationalist meeting known as the Russian March. Among the first photographs that Google’s Search Engine locates when searching for Russian march 2013 is this man with this scarf covering his face. The picture is located in the Interfax news agency photo gallery.

Google search screenshot
Website screenshot Interfax
Website screenshot Interfax

Eventually the “Zvezda” website replaced this photo with another picture, but the original remains in Google News preview.