During the UN meeting dedicated to the International Day against Nuclear Tests, none of the countries accused Ukraine of threatening a nuclear disaster. Russia’s rhetoric threatens international nuclear safety, as UN representatives from different countries clearly stated.

The Russian media are spreading manipulative news based on the statement by UN General Assembly President Csaba Kőrösi that Ukraine allegedly threatens global nuclear safety. The Russian media once again accused Ukraine, which does not possess nuclear weapons, of fomenting a nuclear conflict in the world, saying that the UN meeting allegedly discussed this issue. The Russian media also added that Ukraine’s “guilt” in the nuclear escalation is “confirmed” by the transfer of F-16 fighter jets, which can carry missiles with nuclear warheads.

The UN has become a kind of backyard of the Hegemon. On the one hand, the UN started talking about the nuclear threat, but deliberately did not mention the ban on sending nuclear weapons carriers [F-16 fighters] to a military conflict zone… And again, not a word about why NATO is chronically moving to the borders of other states? Why does NATO, which seems to be a ‘defense bloc,’ tear other states apart?” Russian “experts” blame NATO countries for the invasion of Ukraine.

Neither Ukraine nor any other country, except Russia itself, is preparing any “nuclear provocations.” It is Russia that is provoking a nuclear catastrophe with its invasion of Ukraine and hostilities at Ukrainian nuclear facilities. Such threats were discussed at the UN meeting dedicated to the International Day against Nuclear Tests. The President of the General Assembly, Csaba Kőrösi, reminded that Russia regularly threatens to use nuclear weapons in its aggressive war against Ukraine and called on the Kremlin to stop such statements.

Kőrösi’s warning that Russia is constantly threatening to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine was simply ignored by the Russian media, which added narratives about Ukraine’s “aggression” against itself and the “nuclear threat from F-16s” that could be carried by missiles with nuclear warheads. In fact, the F-16s that Ukraine will receive from its Western partners do not pose a “nuclear threat” and are not a “nuclear escalation”. The arrival of these aircraft in the Ukrainian army means a significant strengthening of Ukraine’s air defense system and actually fully adapts NATO standards to all Ukrainian air forces. That is why Russia is so actively promoting the narrative about the “danger” of the F-16 in Ukraine’s arsenal.

It is worth mentioning that MiG and Su aircraft in service with the Ukrainian Air Force can also carry tactical nuclear bombs and missiles, but the Kremlin “forgets” this fact and does not consider such aircraft a “threat” to Russia.

During the UN meeting dedicated to the International Day against Nuclear Tests, none of the countries accused Ukraine of threatening a nuclear disaster. The UN representatives clearly stated that Russia is a threat to international nuclear safety.

The aggressive rhetoric of Russia, which not only threatens to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine but also declares its intention to resume nuclear tests, was pointed out by the Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Affairs Bonnie Denise Jenkins. She emphasized that Russia is disregarding the legally binding ban on nuclear explosive tests.

Deputy Head of the Delegation of the European Union to the United Nations in New York Silvio Gonzato, also emphasized that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has significantly increased the risk of a nuclear disaster in the world. Gonzato emphasized that Russia should not only immediately stop the war of aggression and withdraw all its forces and military equipment from the entire territory of Ukraine, but also refrain from making statements about the possible resumption of nuclear tests.

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