This was stated by an ex-employee of the CIA, who worked for the agency until 2015, and at the moment is an avid opponent of U.S. assistance to Ukraine. The Pentagon has made no such statements. Such “losses” are not confirmed by the inspections that the US Defense Department of Defense periodically conducts in Ukraine.

Kremlin media write that the United States allegedly lost 90% of the US weapons supplied to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This “sensational statement” was made by former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright on FirstTV.

Tsargrad quotes Wright as saying, “This is according to the Pentagon. They did a little research on the ground, figuring out where the weapons went. 10% can be confirmed to be in Ukraine. The other 90%, we can only hope so.”

There is no way Bryan Wright could have access to “declassified” Pentagon data, as he has long had nothing to do with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). According to his Linkedin profile, Wright worked for the CIA first from 2001 to 2006 and then from 2013 to 2015. He is currently the host of his podcast, “President’s Daily Brief,” in which he expresses his opinions on US domestic and foreign policy, often criticizing current US President Joe Biden. Brian Wright also periodically appears on national American channels, as a “former CIA officer” commenting on various events. As for Ukraine, Wright previously spoke against its support and arms transfers and called Russia “a great war machine.” His words were repeatedly used by Russian propaganda channels.

Appearing on FirstTV,  Wright repeated the same thing that he said on other platforms – that the US supposedly knows only about the fate of 10% of the weapons that were sent to Ukraine,  as for the rest – “fingers crossed they don’t end up in the wrong hands.”

Nevertheless, his opinion is not some “declassification of data” or a Pentagon position, because, again, Wright has nothing to do with the U.S. Defense Department. Officially, the U.S DOD has not made any such statements. For its part, the Pentagon conducts inspections to check weapons storage sites “whenever and wherever the security conditions allow,” and in October, a senior US Defense Department official told Reuters on condition of anonymity that the Ukrainian government has made a commitment to secure and account for the weapons, and there is no credible evidence that the DOD were deceived.

Russian propaganda has repeatedly tried to find evidence that Western arms supplied to Ukraine are allegedly stolen and sold off to other countries, but each time such lies have failed. StopFake refuted such disinformation in Fake: Ukrainians Were Detained in Bremen for Trying to Sell Stingers, Fake: Arms Supplies to Ukraine Are a Black Hole, Americans Say.