Spring 2019 will prove to be an important and decisive time for Ukraine and her people. The March 31 presidential elections, for which more than 20 candidates have already registered, and in which a television comedian currently leads in the polls, will show whether Ukraine is a maturing democracy with a smooth and orderly transfer of power, or just another post-Soviet basket case with incumbents determined to be presidents for life.

How will Ukrainians decide whom to vote for? How will they differentiate between truth and empty promises? How can they be sure of their selection? With the aim of aiding the voter find facts in the pre-election hype, an all-Ukrainian fact-finding lesson will take place.

Using methodology developed by IREX, a nonprofit global development and education organization, a 60 minute seminar held March 1, 2019 will help participants differentiate facts from opinions, spot manipulation and manage to keep a cool head in the midst of whirling pre-election emotions.

We invite university lecturers, teachers, community activists, librarians and all who are interested in conducting such a seminar to contact us, we will train you to separate facts from fiction and provide you with the tools to help others do the same.

Organize your group and carry out a training exercise in search of facts together with other coordinators in Ukraine on March 1. For details and registration click here.

This seminar is conducted by IREX as part of the Learn and Discern project with the support of the embassies of the United States and Great Britain.