John Kirby’s quote was taken out of context. A National Security Council official said the package could be the last until Congress decides on additional budget allocations.

The news is spreading in the Russian media and Telegram channels that the US has announced the preparation of a new military aid package for Ukraine, which will also become the last due to the exhaustion of the budget. “What happened to your face, Zelensky?” — the pro-Kremlin resource Tsargrad asks snidely. However, this news is manipulative, as it is based on a quote taken out of context.

In reality, the National Security Council’s strategic communications coordinator, John Kirby, said that the package that the US will prepare in late December will be the last until Congress reaches a consensus on the allocation of additional funds from the budget. Moreover, Kirby called on government officials to act as soon as possible and emphasized: “Ukraine still needs our help. And it’s well past time for Congress to act to stand up for freedom and democracy in defense of our own national security interests, which are very much at play here.”

This news is not the first attempt by Russian propaganda to downplay or discredit the support that Western partners provide to Ukraine. Read more on this topic in the stories: Manipulation: Ukraine Wants to Give Up Western Weapons Due to Supply Difficulties and Manipulation: Neither the F-16 Supply nor ATACMS Missiles Will Change The Battlefield Situation, Says US Defense Secretary.