This fake is completely ridiculous. It is not clear how the Ukrainian Security Service will identify people allegedly celebrating New Year’s Eve according to Moscow time, since there will be a curfew and a ban on using fireworks throughout Ukraine on New Year’s Eve. Russian propagandists refer to anonymous chats in this fake as their proof. However, StopFake journalists could not find any such information on social media.

Russian propagandists from disseminated information that Ukraine allegedly intends to find and punish people who celebrate New Year’s Eve according to Moscow time, that is, one hour earlier. The publication cites local chats on this.

“Ukrainians in the above-mentioned chat encourage each other to snitch on their neighbors and call the Security Service if someone dares to celebrate the holiday on Moscow time even in their own homes, not to mention launch fireworks on the street or loudly greet each other at midnight according to Moscow time.” They expect such citizens to be charged with treason under the Ukrainian Criminal Code, — the publication on claims.

The author of this “news” did not specify which chats are distributing such information. StopFake journalists could not find similar information in open sources — this is not surprising, since the information about “attacks” on those celebrating New Year’s Eve according toMoscow time is absolutely absurd.

A curfew throughout Ukraine on New Year’s Eve will last from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. (depending on the danger level in each region). The National Police press secretary Maryana Reva said that the police will detain any violators and possibly prosecute them for curfew violation.

During the curfew, citizens are prohibited from being outside and in public places, while driving vehicles or on foot. Those who operate critical infrastructure are exempt, they have been issued a special pass and identity document.

Using pyrotechnics is prohibited during martial law. Violators may be prosecuted according to Article 164 (violation of business activities procedure) and Article 182 (violation of legislative and other normative legal acts regarding the protection of the population from the harmful effects of noise or the rules for observing silence in populated areas and public places) of the Ukrainian Administrative Code, Article 195-6 of the UCLA (violation of the production, storage, transportation, trade and use order of pyrotechnics), as well as Article 296 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code (hooliganism).

Also on December 23 the Kyiv Regional Military Administration prohibited selling and using pyrotechnics, including fireworks, sparklers, firecrackers and other devices, on the territory of the region. 

As for Kyiv,  in 2019 the city council banned fireworks and other pyrotechnics in the capital until the war ends.

Furthermore, it is unclear how the Security Service will find those who are allegedly planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve according to Moscow time.

The claim that such people will be prosecuted for “treason” is also untrue. According to Ukrainian Criminal Code Article, treason is an act intentionally committed by a Ukrainian citizen to the detriment of the sovereignty, territorial integrity, defense capability, state, economic or informational security of Ukraine: switching to the side of the enemy during an armed attack, assisting a foreign organization or its representatives in conducting subversive activities against Ukraine.

Previously, StopFake refuted the fakes that New Year’s Eve is allegedly banned in Ukraine because the Ded Moroz character is of Russian origin.