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Repeated Aggression in South China Sea Belies China’s Denials of ‘Maritime Empire’

By Polygraph Zhao LijianChinese Foreign Ministry spokesman“China has never sought to establish a maritime empire in the South China Sea, and has always treated the littoral countries as equals.”Source: China Daily, July 14, 2020FALSE The South China Sea borders China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Brunei, and Cambodia – all of which claim parts of the area. The sea, which accounts for around 40 percent of the global liquefied natural

China’s disinformation threat is real. We need better defences against state-based cyber campaigns

By Sarah Morrison, Belinda Barnet, James Martin, for The Conversation The Australian government recently announced plans to establish the country’s first taskforce devoted to fighting disinformation campaigns, under the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). Last week, Foreign Minister Marise Payne accused China and Russia of “using the pandemic to undermine liberal democracy” by spreading disinformation to manipulate social media debate. “Where we see disinformation, whether it’s here, whether it’s in the Pacific,

Chinese white paper praises coronavirus response, but critics say secrecy costs lives

By Polygraph Xinhua NewsState-run news agency“Ma Xiaowei, director of the National Health Commission, said there is ‘no delay or cover-up’ in the Chinese government’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak.”Source: Xinhua, June 7, 2020FALSE On June 7, China’s official Xinhua news agency reported the publication of a government white paper detailing the country’s response to the COVID-19 novel coronavirus outbreak and subsequent pandemic, believed to have originated in the city of

Chinese disinfo hits U.S. biolab with new COVID-19 conspiracy

By Polygraph Global Times“Days before the institution’s (Fort Detrick laboratory) temporary shutdown in 2019, a respiratory illness was reported on June 30 at a community one hour’s drive away. The Greenspring Retirement Community in Fairfax County, Virginia, had had 63 infected cases of the disease and three deaths by July 15, said local health authorities.”Source: Global Times, May 29, 2020MISLEADING On May 29, the website of Global Times, the Chinese

COVID-19: Pro-Kremlin media defend Beijing

By EU vs Disinfo Kremlin-controlled media have defended Chinese authorities against criticism, combining disinformation with pro-Beijing reporting. On 20 April, Russian TV lashed out against the US, defending Chinese authorities against criticism for their handling of the COVID-19 outbreak. The broadcast on state-controlled TV Rossiya 1 came after contacts between Moscow and Beijing on the highest level. RT (Russia Today) and the news agency RIA Novosti, both of which are

Evidence undercuts China’s denial of racism against Africans

By Polygraph Global TimesGlobal Times, Chinese state-run news outlet“’No discrimination’ against Africans amid pandemic.” Source: Global Times, April 14, 2020 False Africans cite accusations of spreading the coronavirus, racist signs and lack of hospital access. On April 14, the Chinese state-owned Global Times published an article headlined: “’No discrimination’ against Africans amid pandemic.” “The controversy over suspected maltreatment and discrimination against Africans in Guangzhou has made headlines on Chinese social

China’s official coronavirus timeline starts out weeks too late

By Polygraph The government of the People’s Republic of China“Late December 2019 ­­‑- The Wuhan Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in central China’s Hubei Province detected cases of pneumonia of unknown cause.” Source: Xinhua News, April 6, 2020 False Scientific studies suggest the first novel coronavirus cases were detected as early as December 8, 2019 On Monday, April 6, China’s Xinhua News agency published the full text of

Disinformation, opportunism, and gaslighting: COVID-19 as a vector for Chinese influence in Central Europe

By Louis Cox-Brusseau, for CEPA The outbreak of COVID-19 has starkly exposed most countries’ unpreparedness for combating a global pandemic. Geopolitical weaknesses, too, are laid bare, and China’s revisionist approach to handling the pandemic adds fuel to an increasingly volatile situation in Europe. Previously, trade routes, shipping lanes, and air corridors out of China were means for the virus to spread worldwide. Now, the virus has itself become a vector

The best defence is good offense

By EU vs Disinfo Pro-Kremlin Coordinated Efforts on Disinformation The new coronavirus epidemic is dominating the news this week, and this is clearly reflected in the flow of disinformation from pro-Kremlin outlets. The narrative on the virus is getting focused on hinting on it being man-made, and probably manufactured by the same British lab that poisoned the Skripals. The virus is further tailor-made to target Asians and spread by the

Coronavirus puts Southeast Asian anti-fake news laws to test

By VoA News A bevy of new laws across Southeast Asia barring dissemination of fake news are being put to the test by the spreading coronavirus, with bloggers in at least two countries facing possible prison time for postings as short as one sentence. Authorities say they are merely trying to prevent public panic about the coronavirus, but critics say that arresting people for social media posts is excessive and

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